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American Idol 9, Mar. 2 – Liking the Ends of the Bread

Jermaine Sellers says “It ain’t clothes that make the person; it’s the person that makes the clothes. That’s why I rocks my onesie.” His dad will leave the heat off all night in their house, so he puts the onesie on and walks through the house not as bothered. He rocks his onesie, and he’s not ashamed of it. He gives his voice a steam bath before each show as it opens him up. He has to learn to take Simon’s comments with a grain of salt, but feels he’s a young guy with an old spirit, and that’s why he sang Get Here. Tonight he sings What’s Going On. What he’s doing, though, is basically singing Get Here. It kind of sounds the same, but better.

Randy tells Jermaine it’s definitely better than last week, but was so close yet so far at the same time. The first falsetto he hit, Randy thought was it, but other than that it just wasn’t a great performance. He needed to pull it back even more, though, as Marvin Gaye wasn’t that type of guy with the vibrato and all. Ellen knows it doesn’t feel good to get these notes, but she’s starting with the positive. She thinks Jermaine has great style and she loves that he rocks his onesie. She thinks the song was off a little bit and that he pushed too hard again.

Kara recognizes Jermaine can do all these things which is impressive, but he always does too much. He as to pull it back and look at the meaning of the song. It feels forced and like he’s trying to show them every trick. All he needs is one trick that means something. Simon tells him they’re all frustrated and disappointed, as he waters down the songs. That is one of the best pop songs of all time, but he makes it lose the importance, as he plays around it so much, nobody can take him seriously as an artist.

Jermaine just wants the judges to come to church with him some week, and Simon wants to take him off on that offer. He doesn’t think that’s church singing, though, and thinks it’s more cabaret. He asks what he should sing next week, and Simon says he might not be there next week. Ellen says they’re good songs, but he should perhaps do a Frankie Beverly and Maze song. Jermaine says he’s taking it all seriously and he’s a God-fearing guy, so thinks will keep him on the show. I’ve said it before, but why do these people think God has time to worry about whether or not they stay on a reality show? Let’s forget Haiti and Chile and worry about keeping Jermaine on American Idol.

Andrew Garcia has been a breakdancer since middle school, and what he loves about it is that you can be free with it. There’s a lot of technique, style, and swag to it like music. He uses that same thing in his own music. After last week’s critique, he’s going to take into consideration what they said, but he’s still going to sing what he knows how to do best and what makes him feel best. Tonight that’s You Give Me Something to show them this is what he feels good singing. He’ll have little tweaks here and there in the song and just have fun with it. It’s just okay until he totally kills it in the bridge and leaves the comfort of the chair. I think all the guys save for a few are way over analyzing everything. We want to see you have fun, and if you’re not, we see it.

Randy loves James Morrison too, but he doesn’t think this was the vibe for Andrew tonight. It was real pitchy and all over the place. He sees Andrew with his guitar and doing his thing, unique and quirky like Jason Mraz. Ellen disagrees and thought there were a few pitch problems, but she liked him a lot. She notes he set the bar so high with the Paula Abdul song, She’s still a huge fan and thinking of getting his name tattooed on her neck.

Kara agrees that the problem is Andrew doing Straight Up so well, and it feels like him going down. He’s a rhythmic singer and and has to stay on the rhythm. Last week it was a different take, and this week he played it too safe. She likes being surprised and needs a new one right now. Simon tells him once again it’s just frustration. The fact that he hasn’t managed to choose the right song for two weeks is a problem. With this song, we’ll never look back and say it’s an incredible version of that and is just okay, and he’s better than okay.

Something we don’t know about Aaron Kelly is that he loves photography. No one can tell him it’s the right way or wrong way and he can just do it his way. Even the most plain things turns into something the camera will find. Dude, music is the same way. The plain thing turn into something and our ears find it. He didn’t notice some things about his performance last week until he went back and watched it. He didn’t think he’d make it this far, and it’s still becoming real to him. Simon told him to just believe in himself after the show. He’s singing My Girl tonight and while i find too much vibrato in it, it’s nice to hear him just letting go and having fun with it, kind of like he does with his camera.

Randy wasn’t sure if he was going to like it, but when he started the song he remembered this is the guy he loved in Hollywood, It got a little weird in some parts, but he can really sing, and that was 200% better than last week. Ellen likes his new confidence and how he used the stage. He sings well and the song was forgettable, so she wishes he had chosen a different song.

Kara liked it and she really likes Aaron. She likes that every time he steps out, it’s consistent. She likes the country twang, the great vibrato, the control, and appreciates that he’s not doing one thing one week and the next something different. She thinks he’ll get better and better. Simon didn’t like the song as it was all over the place, but feels Aaron needs to work out what kind of artist he needs to be. He was too old-fashioned and needs to show what kind of artist he wants to be. Aaron is feeling more confident and Ryan asks him if he likes Justin Bieber, though I’m not sure why.


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