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American Idol 9, Mar. 2 – Liking the Ends of the Bread

We had some last minute changes to start tonight’s show. Ryan Seacrest tweeted that they made a last minute change to have the guys sing instead of the girls, as Crystal Bowersox was suffering from something medical. Word on the street is that she has diabetes, and it has something to do with that. At the start of the show, Ryan mentions it was doctor’s orders that she not perform.

Randy Jackson doesn’t think this last minute change is going to affect anything, as you have to be prepared to be in this no matter what. When asked if she has ever missed a show, Ellen DeGeneres says what she misses is American Gladiators. Then they brought it back, but it wasn’t as good, yet she liked Nitro and Ice. She missed Bewitched as well, and then they switched Darrens. But for her own show, she never missed any and even did it from her hospital bed when her back was hurting. Ryan was there in fact, and shared the bed with her.

Kara DioGuardi thinks tonight the guys will prove themselves, as last week it was the fear of the unknown. Now they’ve had a chance to experience it, and she thinks they’ll bring it. Simon Cowell thinks the girls have a slight lead over the guys … “by a smidge.”

Tonight we’re going to find out insight into the guys’ lives, and Michael Lynche says he’s huge (we know that ;-)) into theater and has been for a long tie.He went to a performing arts high school and also played football, balancing the physical and performance side. He benches 505 and does so with Alex Lambert and Ryan Seacrest. He thought his performance last week was good, and tonight he’ll sing This Is a Man’s World, keeping in mind Simon’s words last week to not be a supporting act. He’s definitely bringing it, and I think he’s that main act he wanted to be. It’s a powerful song for a powerful guy.

Randy tells Big Mike that he feels like right now this season is getting rolling. He didn’t see anyone with eyes with fire last week. For the first time this season, he gives it up and gives Mike a standing ovation. Ellen tells him she has liked every song choice he has made so far, and they’ve all been so different. It’s a great song and dedicational, as we’ve learned that men have made the car and train. Just so we know, Ellen shares that women have made the medical syringe and water heater. She thinks this is the one to beat for the night.

Kara says she didn’t get it until tonight, as he went from a singer to someone who could potentially be a great artist. He owned it tonight and she doesn’t know what he went through in the last week, but he’s a different Mike, and she’s feeling it. Simon agrees it was a big difference, saying it was like going from a pussycat to a lion in a week. That was exactly the right kind of song for him, and it’s the type of artist he is. It also didn’t sound dated, and it’s by far the best performance he’s given in the competition so far. Mike gives Ryan a chest bump and mentions he was getting a pedicure, he means coming from the gym, at 10:30, then learned they were on. Ryan was getting a manicure.

Ryan talks with John Park who says his former a cappella group, Purple Haze, has been very supportive, but they do joke that they want him to lose so that he’ll come back to perform with them. He admits to watching the tape from last week of himself performing and thinks he was trying to hard with his voice. Tonight he wants to focus on the honesty.

John says what people might not known about him is that English is his second language. He was born in Chicago, but moved to Korea when he was 6. He grew up speaking Korean around his family, and when he came back to Chicago in 4th grade, he learned English. Hey, I know how to count to ten in Korean! He felt good about last week’s performance, but it was hard to stand up in front of the judges as they ripped on him. He’s singing Gravity this week, as it’s relevant to what he wants to do. He has a few minor pitch problems, but he is better than last week. The song fits him a lot better.

Randy tells John the John Mayer vibe is his, but he didn’t bring anything new to it, and he could only think of Mayer singing it, as it wasn’t as good as the original. It was kind of flat with pitch problems as well. Ellen thought it was a better song choice, but agrees there could have been a little more soul in it. He did get more into it than he did in rehearsal. Kara calls it way better than last week, but her concern is sort of what he was talking about with the honestly. She doesn’t always believe he’s feeling it when he sings, and he really needs to let loose.

Simon thinks Purple Haze might get their lead singer back this week, as there was nothing to get excited about and was a so-what performance. He struggles with the believability of John as well and thinks we’ll forget about it in twenty minutes time. Ellen says he has to wow them as he wants people to call him, then corrects herself to say they probably don’t have his number, so they should call and vote for him.


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