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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 28 – Lassooed That Bitch

Louie ropes his target, and he and Michael take off. Steve and Allie work on the polo, as Carol and Brandy are now doing this one as well. Steve is in pain carrying the horse, but they get it done and head to the pit stop. Carol and Brandy finish this one as well. Joe keeps falling off the wooden horse. Brent and Caite finally arrive to play poker and are happy to see Monique and Shawne still there. They win their poker game as Caite says she couldn’t do the roping, leaving Brent do it. He gets it right away. Monique isn’t happy. Shawne gets the tip of the ear, but it comes right off when she starts to pull.

Shawne knows they’re in last place, but with all the twists and turns here, you never know. She finally gets it more securely and pulls it in. jet and Cord arrive at the pit stop and are again saying, “Oh my Gravy.” They jump on the mat with a local who is also wearing a cowboy hat. They’re pronounced team number one and have won a trip to Patagonia. Jeff asks why the big belt buckles are not slowing them down on their race around the world.

The Detectives arrive at the Detour and decide to do Horse Sense, as Dan and Jordan work on it as well. Louie and Michael argue about knowing how to do it or not as one of them says he executes search warrants. Maybe they needed to use a search warrant to get to that farm last week. They find a bag of loot, but it ends up not being theirs and being Jeff and Jordan’s instead. They can’t believe they just gave them the clue. Jeff tries to give it to the wrong person again, then realizes he’s not the lead bandit. He’d just assumed that any guy with gus was the lead bandit. He calls himself and Jordan stupid, and decides they shouldn’t reproduce. Well …

Joe and Heidi finish the task and take off for the Roadblock. Steve and Allie arrive at the pit stop and are pronounced team number two, and he switches his knit hat for the local’s cowboy hat. Carol and Brandy are team number three. They know they have to figure out how to get along, or they’ll self destruct.

Dan and Jordan end up at the polo somehow, and while Jordan thinks the polo clothes are cute, he’s dismayed to not ride a real horse. The brothers are gue about who should be riding the horse.. Jeff and Jordan finally get their loot to the train station and get a gold coin with the clue. He correctly figures out they need to go there.

Joe and Heidi run into the pit stop to claim team number four as Dan and Jordan struggle with the polo. Brent and Caite arrive and decide to do Horse Power. Louie and Michael give up and move on to Polo, as Monique and Shawne arrive and want to do that one as well. Dan tries his last shot and misses it, knowing they have to start over. They then have to start over again on their third attempt. They finally start to figure out how to hit the ball now, with all the other teams on their heels. They finish finally and take off, with Jordan saying the Race has been kicking their asses.

Jordan and Jeff arrive on the mat to be team number five. She says she can’t read Phil’s face as he scares her. He tells her she scares him too. Louie and Michael have to start over again, as do Brent and Caite. Monique and Shawne are tired and dragging their horse. They fail and have to restart, as Brent and Caite finish. Louie and Michael finally get it, as the Mommies still work at it.

Dan and Jordan arrive on the mat to be team number six, as Monique and Shawne refuse to give up. Shawne figures if they do this too long, they’ll injure their backs, so they head to Horse Sense. Brent and Caite are named team number seven on the mat. And Brent talks about their struggles at the hospital, they feel happy to even be there. Louie and Michael are team number eight, and Louie wants to tell Phil he loves him, but Phil doesn’t want to hear it.

The Mommies get their loot and still talk about inspiring their kids to not give up. Shawne is proud of Monique for taking on the task to get them that far. They’re the last team to arrive, though, and are eliminated. Shawne says they did their best, and that’s all they can do. Monique is proud to have represented the moms. Monique cries, saying the world is beautiful, and they people were as well.

After all that, the alliances didn’t seem to do much tonight. There really wasn’t information to share, other than if Brent and Caite wouldn’t have been so far behind, they could have told Jeff that he couldn’t just go to any guy with guns, he needed to go to a train station, and Joe and Heidi could have told Carol and Brady that finding a shovel wasn’t necessarily indicative that you were in the right place. An alliance wouldn’t have helped the Mommies out, either. An alliance that could really work with be the Cowboys and Big Brother team. The Cowboys could help Jeff and Jordan out with their obvious gaffes, and both of them seem to be the strongest physically, with Brent and Caite falling right behind them if they can stay healthy. That could be our final three.

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