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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 28 – Lassooed That Bitch

Carol’s trying not to put her eye out with the rope. The cowboys can’t believe their unbelievable luck and Jet decides to do this Roadblock. Brandy thinks it’s not fair that they’re doing a challenge that is too much like their way of life, and Cord points out they didn’t think it was unfair that she and Brandy know Spanish, but they don’t. Carol is struggling to untwist the rope, Heidi has a hard time getting started, and Jet is making fast work of it.

Jeff and Jordan arrive at the saloon and start playing cards as Carol and Heidi continue to struggle, with Carol calling it the impossible task. As she says this, Jet ropes the steer target and drags it across the line. He and Cord get the next clue, to drive themselves to Puente Nirihuau and search a cliff overlooking the river for the next clue. Jeff and Jordan win their poker game as he knocks over a chair, saying he’s busting up the joint.

Carol and Heidi continue to struggle with the ropes and Carol tells Brandy to get comfortable, as she might be there awhile. Jeff is doing this challenge as Jordan notes he’s not a natural cowboy. Carol finally ropes her target as Heidi gets it shortly after. Carol and Brandy argue as they drive because they don’t see a river yet, and Carol asks who of them is the one who is navigationally challenged. That’s a new one for saying they’re bad with directions and can’t read maps. We learned last week that Louie and Michael were navigationally challenged.

Brent is upset because Caite is upset, saying it’s not like her to sit there about to cry. She tells him again she doesn’t feel good and is stuck driving and can’t believe he can’t get the directions right. Ah, another who is navigationally challenged. Steve and Allie play poker and win right away, as Jeff continues to struggle with his rope.

The Cowboys find their next cluebox and a Detour – Horse Sense or Horse Power. In Horse Sense, teams will visit a gunslinger who gives them a set of directional coordinates, then use an old time compass and follow the coordinates by counting out steps to find a bag of stolen money they need to deliver at the train station. That won’t be a good one for those navigationally challenged people. In Horse Power, the teams will head to a polo field, don appropriate attire, and using a practice pony, take alternating turns attempting to score a goal in nine strikes or less. If it’s over nine, they start again. The Cowboys decide on riding the horse, naturally.

Jeff finally ropes his target and gets the next clue as Steve works on it next and ropes it pretty quickly. The Cowboys find the Practice horse isn’t even a real horse. Getting on the practice horse, Cord feels likes one of his nieces and nephews as he has to climb up. He takes his first swing, and they now carry the horse to the next shot. Carol and Brandy get to the river as Carol continues to give her a hard time that of course there was a cliff by a river. They decide to do Horse Sense.

Jet and Cord score easily at Polo, and their trophy bears a clue telling them to head to Estsancia Fortin Chacabuco, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. They’re still appalled at having to ride the fake wooden horse. Carol and Brandy start walking the paces for Horse Sense, as Jeff and Jordan have somehow arrived in front of Joe and Heidi and decide to do Horse Sense, because Jeff doesn’t want to ride a horse.

Dan and Jordan arrive to play poker as two teams have previously obviously won and moved on, with Louie and Shawne doing the Roadblock and working with the rope. Dan and Jordan win and move on to the Roadblock with Dan deciding he’ll do it. The navigationally challenged work on walking their steps and see a shovel, so just start digging. Jeff and Jordan start the task as Joe and Heidi arrive and decide they’ll do Horse Sense and just use the compass Joe has on his watch. He doesn’t want to count the steps, though, saying that’s for someone who doesn’t have a compass. Carol and Brandy don’t find the loot and argue whether they were digging in the right place or not. Steve and Allie arrive and decide to do Horse Power, as Steve falls and rolls on their run there.

Carol and Brandy discuss giving up and doing Horse Sense, as Carol throws something down, saying she can’t do anything right. Brandy says, “That’s right. Have a temper tantrum.” Brandy knows they’re not communicating well, and Carol is so frustrated and disappointed, she can’t imagine the arguing isn’t going to take a toll on them long term. They do decide to switch and go to Horse Power.

Brent and Caite stop for directions, and she wishes he was driving, because he’s horrible at directions, yet she has to do it, because he can’t drive stick shift. Shawne’s arms are getting tired as she still struggles with the rope. Dan ropes it right away, with Jordan saying he “lassooed that bitch,” and they leave for the next clue.

Joe and Heidi continue to struggle with looking for the loot, and Jeff and Jordan find the loot pretty quickly. The problem is they didn’t go to the train station with it and give it to the wrong bandit, so they head out to look for the loot again, not understanding. Joe and Heidi find their loot and ask Jeff where the train station is. He can’t figure out what they’re talking about. Get a clue. Oh wait you have one and missed it. Joe and Heidi find the station and are told they don’t have the right loot They decide to go to Horse Power. Jeff gets the loot and takes it to the wrong person again, getting frustrated.


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