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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 28 – Lassooed That Bitch

The alliance bonds that were forming on The Amazing Race last week were interesting. There isn’t as much you can do with alliances on this show, other than the sharing of information and the saving of places in line. That caused problems like week, just like it always does. They alliances that popped up didn’t seem to be natural ones, either, so it’ll be interesting to see how those alliances hold up this week.

The first team to leave Puerto Varas, Chile are Jet and Cord at 11:20 PM. They must now take a bus for a sixteen-hour ride crossing them into Argentina, then drive themselves to El Boliche Viejo, an old saloon where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once hid out. They’ll have to play a game of five card stud against the Travelocity Traveling Gnome. Interesting. I didn’t know the Gnome was such a hardened card shark. Their bus leaves at 8:30 AM, so they know they don’t have to run like “scalded dogs.” Jet thinks his brother “thinks between his ears.” That’s a great place to do it. They don’t remember the Gnome from the Butch Cassidy movie.

Joe and Heidi leave at 11:55 PM and will also be catching the 8:30 AM bus, reading that only the first three teams will be catching it. The lucky third team is Carol and Brandy who are also leaving at 11:55 PM. They note they’ve only been dating for about five months and that they bicker about the most stupid things. Now, how long is The Amazing Race application process? Meaning how long were they going out at the time they applied? Did they apply on their first date?

Jet and Cord “ease on over” to what looks like a restaurant or bar to see if they can find someone that speaks English. They find some people that speak English and know about Argentina and find the info they need.

Brent and Caite are getting ready to leave, but at 1:20 AM decide to head to the hospital, as she’s throwing up, and his stomach’s “hurting like crap.” They’re going to try to get better before they leave. They don’t know if this was food poisoning or if they’re getting dehydrated for what they’re going through. She hopes it doesn’t impede their progress on the Race. Could it be perhaps a little of Montezuma’s Revenge even though they’re in Chile and not Mexico?

Monique and Shawne are the next to leave at 1:22 AM. Monique wants to set an excellent example and wants her kids see her competitive spirit. It’s so important to be a success in life, and she and Shawne want their kids to see their moms are making it happen. They’ll be on the 8:50 bus. Brent and Caite are in the E.R. ten minutes after their scheduled departure as she’s receiving fluids. Jeff and Jordan leave at 2:01 AM, and now an hour affer Brent and Caite’s scheduled time to leave, she’s trying to stay calm, but is worried that missing their starting time, they might be in the worst situation possible.

Steve and Allie leave at 2:23 AM, Dan and Jordan at 2:25 AM, and Louie and Michael at 3:12 AM. They’re all on the 8:50 bus. At 4:20 AM, Brent and Caite are leaving the hospital and hope to catch up, and with the scheduled bus times, it looks like they’ll be able to. Louie and Michael run into them and ask what happened. Brent and Caite end up officially leaving the pit stop at 4:25 AM. They’re excited to still be in the Race.

Carol and Brady grill “The Enigmatic Cowboys” at the bus station, wanting to know how they got so much ahead and found that earlier bus that no one else did. They apparently don’t know that two other teams found that bus, but messed up at the connection. Carol and Brandy want to know what tricks they have up their sleeve. This leaves Jet and Cord without that warm, fuzzy vibe from them and wish the newly dating couple would have at least asked how they were doing instead of the big grilling.

All the teams depart on their buses and Caite is still not feeling so hot. Traveling through the Andes on the bus is quite beautiful. The first bus arrives, and the three teams take off in their cars. Everyone else decides to follow Jet and Cord. Jet is thinking of pulling in somewhere and letting the others pass them, not wanting to lead the others right to the place, when they know where they’re going, having gotten that info earlier. The other teams’ bus arrives as well, and Brent isn’t sure where they are as Caite drives. Dan is driving and stalls out the car, as Jordan tries to push him, but struggles. It’s not as easy as doing it when you have to be in reverse, I guess.

Joe/Heidi and Carol/Brandy arrive with the Cowboys right behind them. They can’t figure out what happened to allow them to catch up so quickly. All the teams sit down with a dealer and a gnome for a game of poker. Carol and Brandy want to make sure the Cowboys don’t beat them, but it’s Joe and Heidi that win the game first with a pair of 9s. They get the gnome with the clue underneath telling them to “hoof it to the Pena Gaucha.” Carol and Brandy win next with a King, and the gnome wins the first game with the Cowboys. They mention how hard it it is to play against him, because of his poker face.I have to say I really appreciate their dry sense of humor. The Gnome wins game 2 as well.

Joe and Heidi get to the cluebox just before Carol and Brandy. They find a Roadblock. One person from each team will choose a steer roping station, and after watching a demo, will need to rope a target eighteen feet away, then pul it toward them. The Cowboys shouldn’t have any trouble with this one. Heidi and Carol will do the roping. The Cowboys finally win against the Gnome, with a queen, King, and Ace.


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