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American Idol 9, Feb. 25 – Some Big Names Say Goodbye

Are you ready for the results … after the break? That’s right. A return to performances on the show means a return to the games we play to keep the suspense. Even though a few prior favorites didn’t do so well, they probably won’t be going home, as it will most likely be four singers who are nameless enough to get no votes. Let’s gets started. This … is American Idol.

Simon Cowell addresses people saying he was harsher than usual last night, saying he didn’t think he was. If you’re going to judge the show, you have to try and be honest to help them. Some of the performrances just weren’t that good. Ellen DeGeneres reports that she found some surprises in her first live week that she didn’t think she would. “I like bananas,” came out of her mouth. She thought the performers would be nervous, and they were. She feels for them in that.

Randy Jackson knows this is always tough for the contestants, and it’s really make it or break it time. Is it just me or does he say that every week? He’s like the cliche man. Kara DioGuardi reports on how things are at home after she gushed over Casey James, and Ryan notes her husband is in the audience. Wikipedia tells me he’s not famous, but he sure looks like a famous actor.

The top 24 get together and perform a group song, American Boy, and it sounds completely different from group of girls to group of girls. It can’t be a song that Crystal Bowersox is enjoying; it’s just so different than her norm. The guys take turns singing the next verse in groups of three as well. Mostly it’s just not that exciting. The one that loks like he has the best dance moves is Big Mike. He’s got some rhythm.

First we address the girls top 12, looking for someone to eliminate. Siobhan Magnus, Haeley Vaughn, Michelle Delamor, and Katelyn Epperly are all safe. It’s between Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler. Randy calls it too tough to call as to which is going home. Katie looks absolutely petrified, but she doesn’t need to, as Janell is leaving. She had a feeling, as it was a bad song choice, and she messed up in Hollywood week. She’s grateful to be here with the rest of these talented people, though. She predicts it’ll be a girl that wins this year, then goes out singing What About Love one last time.

Last year’s finalist Allison Iraheta takes the stage singing her new single, Scars. She looks great … with extra-red hair. For somewhat of a change, she’s singing a slower song. This girl looks like a woman now, even though it’s only been a year. She’s definitely matured, and not just with her looks. She starts giggling at the end, just to show us she’s the same girl. Allison tells the top 12 girls that it’s scary, and she’s glad she’s out of their shoes.

While you would think they’re going to eliminate a guy, they move back to the girls as those not called yet stand up. Paige Miles, Lacey Brown, Lilly Scott, and Crystal Bowersox are safe. Didi Benami and Ashley Rodriguez are left. Ellen’s advice is that they won’t be starting over, as they made it this far, a huge accomplishment, no matter what. It’s hard for her to witness it, but it’s just a new beginning somewhere else. Didn’t she just say before they wouldn’t be starting over? Didi is safe, and Ashley is going home. Ashley thanks everyone who has supported her since day one and dedicates Happy to them.

Ryan shows a piece of tape from yesterday’s rehearsal, and there’s Tyler Grady in short red boots and a three-quarter length bathrobe. He’s stylin’. Ryan notes they were confused, as he clearly was too. Tyler wanted to be comfortable, so wore the bathrobe to rehearsal because he thought he was headed for wardrobe, only to be told it wasn’t a dress rehearsal. They made him rehearse like that.

Getting to the guys’ results, Michael Lynche, John Park, Aaron Kelly, and Todrick Hall are all safe. This leaves it between Tim Urban and Joe Munoz. Kara feels it’s unforunate we have to send one home, and out of that group, she can’t say these are the right two to possibly go home. Tim sits down totally shocked that he’s staying, meaning Joe is going home. He wasn’t expecting anything and was just waiting for things to happen. Well, that’s the problem. You have to make things happen, not wait for them. He sings You and I Both one last time for us.

Ryan makes a special announcemnt that on April 21 we’ll have another Idol Gives Back, and they’re already lining up their sponsors. They’re starting the giving tonight as Kris Allen, last year’s Idol, talks about his trip to Haiti.The rainy season is on its way and they have no shelter right now, so it could be really bad. His perfomrance tonight will be avilable on iTunes, and 100% of the proceeds will go to help Haiti. You know where I’m headed, and it’s not to Haiti. Kris sings Let It Be as we see clips of some of the devastation in Haiti. Listening and watching Kris tonight, I can only say I’ve missed him, and I wish we would have heard somethng of this caliber this week.

For our last elimiatnion of the night, Casey James, Jermaine Sellers, Lee Dewyze, and Andrew Garcia are safe. This leaves it between Tyler Grady and Alex Lambert. Alex looks like he’s about to puke. Based on the vocals, Simon thinks it’s over for Tyler. Alex didn’t need to almost puke, as it’s Tyler going home. He likes all the judges, but doesn’t think he had enough constructive criticism during Hollywood week, and once they told him last night, it was a little too late. After some highlights, we get American Woman from Tyler Grady, and it sounds better than it did last night.

I have to say I’m a little shocked at these results. not in terms of performance, but in terms of the names. Usually at this point, the peole going home are the ones that disappear into the middle of the crowd. While that speaks for Janell and Joe, it doesn’t speak for Tyler and Ashley who were early favorites. That ought to serve notice to the remaining top 24.

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