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American Idol 9, Feb. 24 – Song Choice, Song Choice, Song Choice!

Ellen tells Lee it was a really good song choice, except when he started screaming a little too much. But she loves the tone of his voice as it has a distinctive sound. She hopes people vote for him, as she thinks he should stay here. Randy disagrees, as he doesn’t like the song on him. He’s a fan of his voice, bu it’s a little too rangey for him and more of a pop/rock song, but he sees Lee more rocker like David Cook. He’d rather see him do something like Kings of Leon.

Kara thinks it makes a point, as the song has a small range, where he tried to change it up a little and made it almost unrecognizable. She’d like to hear him on something more like Bad Company. Simon disagrees with Randy and Kara, thinking it was the best performance on the night so far. Lee is a naturally good singer and needs to be here. His suggestion is to not do Bad Company, but take a song and turn it into his own version like David Cook did with Lionel Ritchie. Ryan wonders why Randy and Kara didn’t hear what Simon and Ellen did. Randy looks at what he personally likes, and Kara just wants to hear something changed up. Standing on the stage, Lee says it feels like he doesn’t ever want to lose this feeling.

John Park, 21, of Northbrook, IL, says his best moment of the experience was Shania Twain’s critique, telling him he had a nice bottom, nice lips and good head. He says watching it on TV was one of the proudest moments of his life and she is the most beautiful woman he’s seen in person. If she would marry him, he would propose to her. John sings God Bless The Child tonight, and I find it interesting to hear a guy doing this one for a change. It’s in a very low range, hebut does hit a much better range in the bridge. He definitely has a good voice. The song doesn’t really seem to suit him totally though, like he doesn’t love it and just picked something he thought would suit his voice. He needs something that portrays his fun personality.

Simon tells John he has to do an incredible job to take on that song, and he didn’t. It came off very flat and with interestingly zero emotion. It was kind of a pointless performance and didn’t show what kind of artist he would be. Kara agrees, saying he has a really big voice in there, but there was no connection, and it got a big loungey and sleepy, and almost indulgent. She can’t figure out where he goes and where his lane is in terms of today’s music industry.

Randy notes when John hit the bridge with his runs, then the John he loved from Hollywood came back. The song made him seem old and out of sorts though. Ellen isn’t sure why he chose that song either, as it’s not going to make a lot of young girls pick up the phone and vote for him. But if it was a different song, they’d see who the judges know he is. She liked the performance, though, and thought he sounded great. She wants people to vote and give him another shot, though, as she likes him a lot. John explains the song is really important to him and makes him think of his parents, as money is a thing they have to worry about.

Michael Lynche, 26, of St. Petersburg, FL, is a personal trainer and talks about his wife calling him while he was in Hollywood as she was going into labor. To have that and make it to the final 24 in one week helps him know this is where he’s supposed to be. He thinks it’ll be amazing for his daughter to see this knowing he was really trying to be something so she could have a better life. He sings This Love tonight and plays along on his guitar which looks tiny next to his hulking body. Here’s an example of a guy who takes a current song and puts a little something different on it, as he’s not just doing a copycat performance of Maroon 5. I’m not sure the judges will agree though.

Ellen tells Big Mike he has so much personality it’s just bursting out of him, and she loves that he’s constantly happy and smiling. She thought it was a great song choice with a few little pitch problems he’ll hear later. It doesn’t matter as he has such great personality. Randy agrees, as he likes Mike and his personality, and he brought the energy up. He likes him being that kind of gregarious fun character. Randy picks a bone with Mike, though, noting he hurt him and Ellen when he picked them up making it to the top 24. Mike can’t believe Dawg is hurting.

Kara thinks it’s true that it was a bit depressing until Mike came on. If they had had a lot of great performances, they’d be more critical, as it was good, but not outrageously great. What she loves most about him is he’s up there and moving and he’s comfortable with himself. She wants to see him challenge himself more. Simon sums it up saying he was like the support act before the main act. He’s a big guy, big heart, but he delivered so little on the performance, like a vague jazzy performance. He’s someone people are interested in, so he needs to get up there and nail the performance. Ellen thinks people will love him still, and he already has them on his side after Hollywood week and having his baby. She doesn’t want him too get too cocky, though.

Alex Lambert, 19, North Richland Hills, TX, says his defining moment was Group Night, as they all had different personalities, and he thinks they fell apart because of Mary Powers, as he giggles a bit. It’s interesting that he made it and she didn’t. After he made it past that night, it sounded like he said “I hate you,” presumably meaning Mary, and hopefully joking. This has been mu h more than he expected, and he wants to show everyone what he can do. Singing Wonderful World, Alex just doesn’t have a good performance. It sounds so karaoke, and that’s being nice and ignoring the multiple pitch problems. I think he got a little too cocky about Mary not making it, as the reason she didn’t make it wasn’t necessarily because she wasn’t good. She was better than this.

Simon isn’t sure who was happier for it to end, himself or Alex, saying it was the most uncomfortable performance of the night. He was staring into the camera in an uncomfortable way, because he’s been told to do it. He has a good voice, but if he can’t get his nerves together on a night like this, it isn’t ever going to work. He feels for him as he likes him, but if it’s uncomfortable for him, it’s uncomfortable for people watching.

Kara feels Alex needs a hug and says he sounds so much like James Morrison, and while it’s a problem, it’s also a huge compliment. . It’s all there, but just not completely together, although he has great potential. Simon tells him he needs the voice and a great tone, but he needs to pull it together. He likes him, though. Ellen likes him too and likes that he’s holding onto the mullet and isn’t going to let it go. He has a great voice, and Ellen likes bananas, but sometimes it’s just not ripe enough yet. He needs that confidence to ripen. Alex admits this is perhaps only the third time he performed in front of an audience, and notes working with Rickey Minor was awesome.


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