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American Idol 9, Feb. 24 – Song Choice, Song Choice, Song Choice!

Kara thinks Jermain wanted to show eveyrone waht he can do, and not everyboy can do that, but when he does the runs he has to mkae them meaningful. He’s young, though, and it felt old. He thinks he’s old too. At 27? Simon notes it’s the kind of song that if you’re playing music in a cocktail bar, someone in their 50s is going to request it. In the middle he was trying to oversing it, it actually sounded as if he was screaming He thinks Jermaine totally blew his opportunity with that performance. Ellen disagrees; she thinks he’ll be back. Jermaine suggests he do the stanky leg next time. Inside joke? Michael Orland joins him onstage to show they’ve made up after Hollywood.

Ryan talks to Tim Urban, 20, Duncanville, TX, about when he came back to the show to replace Chris Golightly. He was so surprised, but decided it would be entertaining to let his family find out watching it on TV like everyone else.. This was just a big dream when he auditioned, and Tim thought he’d make it after he got to Hollywod, but went home, until Ken Warwick called him and asked him to come back. He finds himself incredibly blessed, and knows he’s getting a chance to change his life. Tim is singing Apologize tonight, and it’s the wrong song. Like I said, just singing something you hear on the radio doesn’t mean you’ll sound good on it.

Simon congratulates Tim for coming back, but feels they made the right decision on not leetting him through, based on that performance. There was nothing to take from that. The vocals were weeak and he didn’t come out as a natural performer. He just doesn’t think his voice is good enough. He might make it through because people feel sorry for him and he looks good, but if he does, he has to get it together. Kara tells Tim the music overpowers him and swallows him up. When he sang in Hollywood with his guitar and it was more organic, they could get more of a feel for who he is. Here he was just buried. People did stand up for him, though, because he’s cute and current.

Randy also thought it was the wrong song, saying Time doesn’t even have the falsetto the original singer does. He personally thinks he’s better than that, and none of it worked. Ellen thinks it’s smart to pick a song that everyone knows and is popular, but he just couldn’t hit the notes. If you close your eyes and hear that, it doesn’t sound good, but looking at him he’s adorable. He may get votes just based on that. He can’t just count on being adorable, though. Tim kind of figured it was the wrong, and it was a last minute switch, but he didn’t want to cut down the song that he really wanted to sing so much as would be needed.

Joe Munoz, 20, of Huntington Park, CA, is a student. On his first day of Hollywood, he made a choice to play his guitar, but his fingers just froze. He couldn’t play, and it went so wong. When he madee it to the next round, he knew he had to do his best. He knows he has to make sure nerves don’t get the best of him again. Joe takes on You and I Both with another falsetto that doesn’t wrok so well. Really, these guys have to stop doing that. There really isn’t much else to get excited about either.

Ellen confirms that Joe feels comfortable onstage and says she could see it in his eyes that he was. He had great stage presence and sounded really good. She liked it. It wasn’t the pefect song choice for Randy, but he thinks Joe has a great voice, and he loves the sound of it. Singing Jason Mraz is really tough, as he’s such a stylizied artist, but he thinks he did a good job with it. Kara likes that Joe picked a song she never would have thought he would. When he started singing he was up front and center, which they’d been missing so far. The chorus had a few issues, but in terms of singing tonight, so far, he’s been the best.

Simon kind of agrees, but notes in the show you have to get out of the bubble, and while the show finds stars that are recognized throughout the world, based on that, he doesn’t believe Joe is that kind of artist. It was a safe, forgettable performance, and he failed to prove that he was a star in the time he had. Ellen understands what Simon is saying, as it is your moment to make people pick up the phone to vote, but he has half the battle in that he sounded good. She liked his comfortability that the others don’t seem to have yet. He tells his family that are in Mexico sin Spanish to vote for him.

Tyler Grady, 20, of Nazareth, PA, is a college student. Throughout, his style has been a topic of conversation with his 70s look and sound. He wants to prove himself and and earn his right to be here as a singer as well as a stage performer. He takes on something from his decade, American Woman. From the first few seconds, here’s the stage performance and star performance we’ve been missing so far tonight. He has a few Mick Jagger qualities when he sings, just having that loose body that roams the stage. They were looking for comfortability onstage? Tyler’s got it.

Simon tells Tyler that on the plus side, people will remember the performance, and on the downside, for some of the wrong reasons. His issue with Tyler is that he comes over as somebody who has gone to “pretend to be a rock star school.” It’s cliche and doesn’t feel natural, and he doesn’t think he spends enough time on his vocals. They know what his style/gimmick is, but he needs to stop pushing that. Kara understands where he’s coming from and says it’s like Jim Morrison all up and over his walls, and it’s playing too true to it instead of adding something to it. He has a frontman persona, but she wants him to bring it into this decade.

Randy agrees that it was style instead of substance. Tyler has done this every time they’ve seen him, so he needs to show who he is what he’s bringing to the 70s. Ellen notes that what’s great about the artists he’s attracted to is they had so much stage presence and charisma. He has the poses, but he’s lacking the charisma and excitement, going through the motions without being that person. He needs to work on the singing too, as Randy adds, “and be an original.” Tyler admits he rehearsed a lot vocally, and for next week, he’ll go to the mall and find something else.

Lee Dewyze, 23, of Chicago is a paint sales rep. He didn’t think this was anything he’d thought he’d really ever do, as just a little while ago he was waiting on customers. What he remembers the most was on his last day in Hollywood when he sang You Found Me as he watched Ellen and Kara singing along and Simon tapping along. He hopes that his love for music shows through his performance. Along with his guitar, Lee sings Chasing Cars tonight, wearing a Weapon Choice t-shirt. And here’s what Tyler Grady is missing, something original. Tyler is copying the 70s, but Lee is carving his own space. We know who Lee is tonight. We’re not sure who Tyler is other than a guy copying 70s rockers.


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