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Amazing Race 16 – Ep. 2 Commentary – San Jose. H-O-S-E.

Roadblock – Go around some parkground and find all of the ingredients needed to make the German pastry “Kuchen.” They must collect flour, butter, and sugar from the pantry, gather a baker’s dozen eggs from the chicken coup and milk a cow.

Other than the Cops’ strange focus on wondering where the pantry was in a set consisting of what seemed to be four buildings, not a lot happened here. Oh, unless you count cow kicking and pooping as something. The cow got a few Racers, but Jody’s kick in the head sent her milk to the ground, and perhaps cost them their small lead over the Cops. The boys managed to ignore a giant sign and drove 19 miles in the wrong direction. They stumble upon BB Jeff, who was also lost, but after completing the task, who informs them of the error. Many a Racer was forced to endure some blurred out cascades of cow manure. Really, CBS? We have to blur cow poop? The Amazing Race had an entire task based on a giant pile of poop back in AR4; is it only offensive to have poop in the act of creation?

So, The Cowboys cruise to the win (c’mon – lassoing and cow milking?) and Super Granny proves to have one true form of Kryptonite … a sense of urgency.

Route Markers

• Girl Jordan is truly a piece of work. San Jose? H-O-S-E? Is it just me, or was she destined to be a moron based solely on her voice? And watching that pair try and converse with their cab driver was like trying to explain Senate procedures to my cat.

• And as for Boy Jordan? Listen up; I don’t want to have to say this again. If you are going on The Amazing Race … learn how to friggin drive a standard!!! It takes an afternoon, a patient teacher and an empty high school parking lot. That’s it. This way your brother won’t be out pushing your car in some driveway in Chile.

• “Oh, my gravy?” Man, these Cowboys are the real deal, aren’t they?

• Are we building towards a Teen SC vs. Crandy battle? If so, I must ask for an official moratorium on mocking Caite for her pageant answer. Her headband in this episode is ample fodder for a whole team of comedians. 7And for Crandy.

• Brent on Team BB- “They seem like smart people … they are just like us.” Insert your own joke here.

• The Cowboy music for Jet/Cord is growing on me. For some reason it is a bit less annoying than Sweet Georgia Brown was last year for the Trotters.

• Sorry to Steve/Allie and the Claires who got no attention this week whatsoever.

• Was that Zamfir playing the pan flute at the Detour?

• Were you amused that the Cowboys locked the car at the Roadblock in the middle of nowhere? Did that seem like the kind of place rife with car break-ins?

• Cord got teased for taking a bite of pie, but Jody elected to bring a whole slice with her – yeah, I’m telling you, they are in it for the free vacation and snacks.

• One great thing about the show – drama from strange settings. This one had the unlikely race to milk a cow.

Detour – Llamas (Cowboys, Crandy, Joe/Heidi, Cops, Claires, Boy Jordan and Dan, Jody/Shannon. Condors (BB, Team SC and Steve/Allie).

Roadblock – Find cake ingredients – Cord, Heidi, Carol, Brent, Jeff, Steve, Monique, Michael and Jody.

Standings – 1 – Cowboys (they won sailboats!), 2 – Joe/Heidi, 3 – Crandy, 4 – Team SC, 5 – Claires, 6 – Team BB, 7 – Steve/Allie, 8 – Boy Jordan and Dan, 9 – Cops, ELIMINATED – Jody/Shannon.

Next week – Crandy and the Cowboys get into an argument, and then Crandy takes it from there.

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