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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 21 – The Easy Life In Chile

Joe/Heidi and Carol/Brandy arrive, with Carol and Heidi decideding to do it and work together. They head to the cows first looking for one with a nice big udder. Carol mentions she would rather be in a nice hotel, then gets kicked. Apparently the cow didn’t like her judgment. They head to the chicken coop as Brent and Caite arrive with Brent deciding to do this one. Brandy looks astonished when she watches Caite spit in the grass. Brandy and Heidi finish and get their next clue. Carol finds it a moral victory to beat Brent and Caite. Brent is complaining that the cows smell like ass.

Jeff and Jordan arrive at the farm, and he asks if she knows how many eggs are in a baker’s dozen, then decides to do the Roadblock himself. As Brent is finishing, Jeff is milking the cow saying, “Sorry, Buddy, I’m almost done. I don’t like it either.” Does he not understand these are female cows?

Dan and Jordan arrive at the Detour and decide to dress a llama, and see Team Grandma arriving. Jody wants to focus on being positive and taking in all the sites. They decide to do the llamas as well. Jeff finishes gathering his ingredients and gets the next clue. Steve and Allie arrive with Steve deciding he’ll do it, and the Mommies arrive with Monique deciding she’ll do it. Louie and Michael arrive at the farm, but decide to keep going, thinking they’re not at the right place. They have their eyes peeled for the sign they just passed. Monique has always wanted to milk a cow and say she’s done it, but she didn’t realize it can be dangerous, as she has to avoid getting kicked.

Arrivig at the Llama challenge, Jordan is complaining abouit a splinter in his butt, then dances and swings his jacket off. They decorate the llama quickly when they see the Gramma team arrive, only to have the Grammas finish just as quickly. Both are on their way to the Roadblock.

Jet and Cord jump on the mat at the pit stop with the local holding an adorale baby goat. Phil tells them they might need another buckle for their belts, as they’re team number one. They have each one a sailboat. They feel good about doing their own thing and getting on the right bus now and warn everyone to not let the cowboy hat fool ya. Yeah, because Dan and Jordan didn’t figure the Cowboys would be around much longer, but here they are team number one, and Dan and Jordan are currently second to last.

Carol/Brandy and Joe/Heidi arrive at the pit stop, with Joe and Heidi jumping on the mat first. They’re team number two, and Carol and Brandy are team number three.

Monique brings her ingredients in and gets the next clue, as Steve does the same. They’re both on their way to the next pit stop. Louie and MIchael are still looking for the farm, but feel okay as there are still a few teams behind them. As they say this, Dan and Jordan arrive at the farm and Jordan decides he’ll do it. Brent and Caite arrive on the mat to be named team number four. She feels they did a good job, and she wants the other teams to know she’s intelligent. Jeff and Jordan argue whether they’re in San Juan or San Jose, yet she repeats it and spells it H-O-S-E. Forgetting the spelling, where did San Juan and San Jose come from?

Jordan the brother milks the cow asking if she wants a couple of pinches, then looking at the results, tells her she was a little bit foamy at the end. As the cow then, I think, poops, he tells her if she’d done that when he was milkng her, they wouldn’t have goten along. As he finishes the task and gets the next clue, Jody and Shannon are arriving. The detectives stop and ask for directions, and who do they find but Jeff and Jordan in San Hose. Jeff points the detectives in the right direction and they realize they went right by it. Michael is a little aggravated. These detectives are so observant!

The Mommies arrive on the mat and are named team number five, as Shawne says it’s harder than anythng she would have imagined. What, dressing a camel and gathering ingredients for a cake? Jeff and Jordan are team number six. Louie and Michael see the Gramma team and know there’s hope still. Michael takes off runing to get this done as Jody is counting out her thirteenth egg. Michael finds butter in the kitchen instead of the panty, then slips and falls and keeps looking for the pantry which he can’t find. jody talks sweetly to the cow as she’s milking her, and gets totally kicked in the head. I mean totally nailed. I think the cows are tired of this game. She had almost been up to the line in the cup and had to start again, although with a different cow. Michael collects the eggs and looks again for the pantry.

Steve and Allie arrive on the mat in seventh place, and Michael starts milking the cow that clocked Jody. He gets the milk and is still looking for the pantry. Jody decides she doesn’t have quite enough milk and goes back for more. Dan and Jordan are named team number eight, and are absolutely shocked. Michael has finally found the pantry, as Jody is finishing getting more milk. He takes his ingredients into the kitchen, tells them they’re the best, and they’re off for the pit stop, the place they just were. That’s the good news. They know where theyr’e going. Jody arrives just after this and they take off for the pit stop too. They’re still optimistic.

Both teams arrive at the pit stop, and Louie and Michael arrive on the mat first, being named the 9th team, as Louie makes the sign of the cross. Jody and Shannon are named the last team to arrive and are Philiminated. Shannon is so proud of her grandma for everything she has done, inlcuding carrying the flour and being kicked by the cow. Jody has proven to herself that she can do anything and will keep on doing it. Shannon just wants to know what their next crazy adventure will be.

What I can’t get over looking back at this episode was how incredibly easy both challenges were. Does everyone in Chile lead such an easy life that no one does anything difficult there that they could have used that for challenges? Putting a blanket and scarf on a llama wasn’t nearly as difficult as it could have been. And jumping off a dock and swimming a few feet to a buoy certainly isn’t diffficult either. I hope it’s not indicative of the season to come.

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