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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 21 – The Easy Life In Chile

It’s finally 7:30, and we find the cowboys spent their time in their car making special covers out of trash bags for their hats. They get in their boat and take off. Cord mentions he wants to go swimming now but didn’t bring any trunks, then says he has gone skinny dipping once or twice. Do you think he kept his hat on? Joe/Heidi and CarolBrady run the trail, as Jeff/Jordan and Brent/Caite arrive. Jeff carries both bags, beause Jordan isn’t a runner. She explains she’s a walker, and he replies she needs to get in a little better shape.

On the boat, Brandy tells Carol if she’s going to throw up, she’s going to throw up in the choppy waves. She sat outside because she didn’t want to run the risk of getting seasick. The next bus arrives from Santiago carrying Steve/Allie, who I don’t think we’d seen yet tonight, Dan/Jordan, Louie/Michael, and Monique/Shawne. They get in their cars and take off for the hotel. Monique says it’s been over ten years since she’s driven a stick, and she hopes there are others in their position. Jordan is struggling with the stick shift, and Dan mentions they knew Jordan would be the stick driver. Jordan calls it a fallacy, and Dan mocks him. Jordan tells him he used the word the other day, but Dan claims he doens’t even know the word. They swith places, and Dan tells him he needed to put the emergency brake down.

Jet and Cord arrive at the clue box and find a Detour – Llama Adoration or Condor Consternation. In Llama, teams will choose a llama and dress it for a traditional festival with a blanket and scarf, but the llamas aren’t always cooperative. In Condor, teams will dress as birds, putting on feet and a 16 foot pair of wings, then take flight and attempt to soar to a target. Jet and Cord choose to work with the animals, no so surprisingly.

Carol/Brandy and Joe/Heidi arrive at the clue box and are shocked to see a boat leaving in front of them, but Brandy says it’s okay, as it’s just one teams in front. Both teams decide to do Llama, not wanting to get back in the boat again. Brent and Caite decide to do Condor.

Jet and Cord arrive at the Llama Adoration and find quite the party going on with the locals, as Cord mentions the one guy being “sweet with that horn,” but he’s worried he’ll scare the llamas with it. They dont’ think any of the llamas are acting like they “want to be jacked with,” then one comes up and wants to be their friend, and they decide Jet is a Llama Whisperer as they complete the task quickly. They now have to drive themselves to Onces Bellavista Farm to get their next clue. They know the other teams don’t realize who it is that’s in the lead.

CarolBrady and Joe/Heidi arrive at the LLamas. Joe thinks he found a llama that likes him, as Heidi is chasing them throwing clothing on them. Carol and Brandy try to get the llamas to eat out of their hands, as Joe nearly gets kicked in the cojones. Jeff and Jordan arrive at the Detour as Brent and Caite arrive to do Condor. They get their gear on and realize they need to run together to make their flight. They hit the water hard, but do make it. Steve and Allie arrive at the Detour and decide to do Condor, as Louie and Michael arrive and decide to do Llama, because Louis is good at houses with pit bulls. Yeah, llamas, pit bulls, six of one, half dozen of another.

Joe and Heidi find a llama that decided to take a rest in the middle of the field, and they throw the blanket on him and tie on the scarf and get the next clue. Carol and Brady finish as well. Monique and Shawne decide to do llama, as Jeff and Jordan arrive at Condor and decide it will be awesome. I really don’t get the challenge to this as they swim out to get the clue from the buoy. They jump, then swim out a few feet. Where’s the challenge? Maybe I’m missing something.

Dan and Jordan are still driving looking for the hotel and wonder if they missed it. Dan isn’t happy about being forced to drive, and finding that Jordan hasn’t even been navigating very well. They make a turn where Jordan thinks they need to go, but it doesn’t seem like where the others went. Steve and Allie don the condor outfits and make their jump. Jody and Shannon finally arrive and Jody’s gut tells her they’re in last place, as Shannon is hoping the others are struggling with the stick shift.

Dan and Jordan arrive at what looks like somebody’s house. Won’t they be surprised to find the brothers are there for dinner? The problem is Dan has to put it in reverse, but can’t, so Jordan has to push him for reverse. They argue over who’s more stupid, the person pushing the car and getting directions wrong or the person not knowing how to put the car in reverse. I think I’d call it a push.

Jody is just sitting in the back seat having an amazing time and thinking Shannon is doing a beautiful job driving. She’s the one of all her grandchildren she knows the most and the one she admires the most. That’s really sweet for Shannon, but I wonder how her other grandkids feel hearing this. Shannon notes it’s a team effort and that Jody was the one that taught her to drive a standard transmission.

Louie and MIchael are struggling to dress their llama as Monique and Shawne arrive, saying, “Hi llama!” They finish quickly, as the detectives say the mommies are beating their asses. Louie eventually corners a llama with two sticks while Michael dresses him to get the job done.

Jet and Cord arrive at the next clue box and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will race around the farm collecting the five ingredients essential to a cake – flour, plate of butter, a baker’s dozen of eggs, bowl of sugar, and milk straight from the cow. If they gather the right amount of each item, they get the next clue. Wow, rough challenge. Cord does this challenge and heads to the cow first, naturally. He uses his hat to collect the eggs, then heads to the pantry to collect the other items. The other part of this challenge is carrying it all without dropping or spilling it. He gets it right and gets the clue to go to the next pit stop, the Gruta de la Virgen, a park named for the Virgin Mary. Cord tries the cake and says not not tell Jet he got a bite of it.


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