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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 21 – The Easy Life In Chile

Normally we have some stupid moves and comments here and there on The Amazing Race, stuff that’s worthy of a sound bite, etc., but last week we seemed to have a whole season’s worth in just the first episode. It leaves you wondering what the rest of the season holds for us. When a person from the first place team confused Chile for China throughout the whole episode, it just leaves you question not just them, but the other players that they managed to move past.

Jeff and Jordan are the first team to leave the pit stop in Valparaiso, Chile, not China, departing at 3:21 AM. They need to now travel by bus back to Santiago, then board a separate bus to take them to Puerto Varas, then drive themselves to a lake near a hotel, take a boat across a lake, then climb to a place called Mirador where they’ll find the next clue. Jeff and Jordan don’t appear to have any Spanish-speaking skills, and keep saying “bus” to their cab driver. Jeff seems to get angry when he doesn’t understand. He thinks they’re on a roll and getting closer as a couple, as she then interrupts him. They get to the bus staton, which isn’t open yet, but they’re told it will open at 5:00, meaning they’ll lose their lead.

In an unusual step for The Amazing Race, we don’t see each team leave, meaning either it’s that uneventful, or they just have way more other stuff they want to fit into the episode.Everyone secures tickets on the first bus to Vaparaiso. Brandy mentions while waiting that she is now recanting what they were saying about Jordan and Jeff being not bright and calling them Barbie and Ken, since they’re the team presently in first place. Obviously she is unaware that Jordan thinks she’s in China. As if on cue, while looking at a local stray dog, Jeff tells Jordan it’s weird that dogs speak Spanish. She doesn’t believe him, and he shows her that if he says to “c’mere,” the dog doesn’t understand, because it’s in English.

Dan and Jordan say they really like the other brother team, cowboys Jet and Cord, as they do their own thing and are very independent, yet they’ll be surprised if they’re there much longer. Jet and Cord think the other teams underestimate them because they see the hats and figure they’re from the country and lucky to make it out of the 8th grade. Cord feels it’s an honor to wear a hat, and if he can’t wear a hat somewhere, it’s somewhere he doens’t know if he wants to go.

Brent mentions that “the lesbians”, meaning Carol and Brandy, asked before where Caite’s tiara was, and it strikes a nerve with him and makes them realize they don’t like them. Meanwhile Carol and Brandy feel they have to pick an alliance, and want to go with Joe and Heidi, since he’s a really strong competitor. They approach them, and Joe and Heidi seem to be agreeable.

All teams take the same bus to Santiago. and once they arrive, they take off for the terminal to get tickets to Puerto Varas. Louie and MIchael get upset with Joe and Heidi for holdng spots in line for Carol and Brandy, saying you can’t do that. Joe explains they gave them money to get tickets for them. Louie asks if they’re back in grade school. Carol and Brady use their Spanish to get a bus that departs at 5:30 PM. Brandy turns around and tells the detectives that the bus is filled up, but there will be one leaving an hour later. Meanwhile Dan and Jordan have snuck in ahead of the detectives to get seats on the 7:45 PM, further infuriating them.

Jordan and and Shannon get a bus that leaves at 8:30 PM, and know it will make them 45 minutes behind the others. Jordan/Jeff and Brent/Caite discuss their options, and Jeff menions maybe they could take a bus somewhere else, and connect to make it to their destination. He’s not sure why no one else thought of connecting instead of taking the direct route.

This is exactly what Jet and Cord are doing at that very moment, getting an English-speaking passenger to help them, who tells them they need to connect in Temuco. When Jeff approaches an agent asking if there’s a connection they can take, they, too, are told about Temuco. They’re told they can leave now and get there about 11 pm tonight, making them about eight hours ahead of the others.Brent figures the Big Brother team are more like them and seem like smart people.

The Cowboys, Jeff/Jordan, and Brent/Caite leave for Temuco, and much later Carol/Brandy and Joe/Heidi leave on their direct route, thinking everyone is behind them, which Brandy calls “pretty cool,” not realizing that three other teams are several hours ahead of them. When those three teams make it to Temuco, the cowboys realize the others have an earlier connecting bus at 6:30 and try to catch the same one. They’re told that that connecting bus is leaving really soon and is actually in a different terminal, ten minutes away by taxi. Seeing the others wandering around the gift shops, they figure they don’t realize this.

As Jeff/Jordan and Brent/Caite wonder about their bus, the Cowboys sit and watch and laugh. The two couples ask for help and realize it’s at the other terminal. They get in a taxi to go to the different terminal, only to be told once there they just missed the bus. They hop back in the cab to go back to the other terminal, hoping to catch the Cowboy’s bus at 7:30. They literally just miss it. This group is told there are no more busees today. Remember how Brent was saying how smart they all were? Famous last words and all. They’re told the next bus is at 1 AM, and they take it. Meanwhile, it’s 7:45, and the next group of teams is leaving Santiago.

The Cowboys arrive in Puerto Varas and head to the Petrohué Hotel. They have big grins on their faces. They find their marked path doens’t open until 7:30 AM, as they’re stuck there in the rain to “snuggle down” in the car and take a nap. And honestly, they need to stop saying, “Oh my gravy” on this episode. Joe/Heidi and Carol/Brady arrive in Puerto Varas and think they’re the first ones there. Jeff/Jordan and Brent/Caite arrive just after them and also take off for the hotel. With Caite driving, Brent says he likes his women to drive him around. It’s really because he doesn’t know how to drive a 5 speed.


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