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Project Runway 7, Feb. 18 – Fashion for the Younger Set

Heidi calls Jay, Amy, Jonathan, Jesse, Seth Aaron, and Janeane, then congratulates the designers she didn’t call. They are safe and will move on to the next round. Since there are two models per designer, the judges want to talk to the high scorers and low scorers separately. Janeane, Jonathan, and Amy are the low scorers and will have to face the music later.

Right now, the judges want to start with the high scorers. Specifically, they want to start with Jesse, who tells them he wanted to make a red coat and an A-line dress for the child. His adult outfit was a streamlined variant thereof. Michael and Tory both loved his color choices. Tory was particularly impressed as grey is an unusual color for girls’ clothing.

Seth Aaron tells the judges e wanted to use soft fabrics for his child’s look. He also believed that he had to use pink. He wanted a new wave look for the adult outfit. Sydney, his child model, likes her outfit, especially the purse. Michael thinks both looks are very strong and thinks the adult’s jacket is the best-tailored garment they’ve seen all season. (I’m almost tempted to stop recapping right here, as I think we now know who the winner is.) Tory believes a little girl would really want to wear Seth Aaron’s outfit. Nina likes his style and the child’s purse.

Jay explains the ruffling job and adds that he wanted to make jeans. Heidi sees a lot of thought in the ensemble and Michael thinks it looks chic. Tory adds she would notice a mother-daughter pair in such attire, and Nina agrees they make a striking pair.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Janeane wanted to make comfortable clothes that an active child would want to wear. Nina thinks the design is too plain and lacks whimsy. Heidi thinks the outfits look like cheap mall outfits. Tory likes the adult’s leggings, but would have preferred a different top. Michael thinks the whole thing looks like a home ec project. Ouch. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we may have our loser here.

Jonathan wanted an edge to his look. Heidi notices the child model actually seems uncomfortable in her outfit. Nina thinks Jonathan made the opposite mistake of Janeane; he was too sophisticated and conceptual. Michael thinks the adult model looks like she was caught in a “tornado of toilet paper.”

Amy had used petals in the child’s skirt and wanted to do the same thing for the adult model’s pants. Michael thinks the child model looked as if she’d grabbed every garment she could from a burning house, while the adult model’s pants are a “trainwreck.” Nina calls the pants weird, while Heidi thinks they’re hideous. The child model does like the sweater and says she trusts Amy. Tory doesn’t like the color palette, saying the colors don’t work well together.

The judges then dismiss everybody so they can chat. They praise Jesse for making a tailored wool coat. Seth Aaron’s adult look was sophisticated, while his child look showed whimsy. Jay’s looks were youthful and charming.

As for the designers they didn’t like, Amy’s adult look was “different for difference’s sake.” It wasn’t attractive. Janeane’s outfits looked cheap, and Jonathan’s were too conceptual.

The judges call everybody back to announce their decisions. Jesse is in and Seth Aaron is the winner. Jay and Jonathan are both in, leaving Amy and Janeane in the bottom two. The judges tell Amy that her looks were clownish and Janeane that hers were boring. Amy is in, while Janeane is sent home.

Next week: The designers go to a hardware store.

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