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Project Runway 7, Feb. 18 – Fashion for the Younger Set

Back at the workshop, Amy wants to create a graphic element for her adult design, but isn’t sure how. While the other designers quietly work, Anthony begins chattering about all kinds of things. His peers shut him up by placing bets on how long he can stay quiet, and Anthony goes so far as to tie a gag around his own mouth. Somebody else draws lips on the gag. Anthony lasts almost fifteen minutes, before breaking his silence again. No word on who won the bet.

Tim comes in to make his rounds and starts with Jonathan. He likes Jonathan’s color scheme and his work with cotton organza. Jonathan tells Tim that he plans to cover his adult piece with more of the white cotton, and Tim thinks it will be an attention-grabber. Tim stops by Janeane and says her look appears to be “rocking Halloween.” This doesn’t please Janeane as she hates Halloween.

Amy is making pants out of multicolored petals. Tim warns her that the result could be a show-stopper or clown clothes. Seth Aaron shows Tim his completed child’s look, which includes a handbag. He threw that in since his own daughter loves handbags and has over two hundred of them. His adult look will consist of strips of black and white fabric sewn together. Tim likes the results so far.

Afterwards, Tim sends in all the models for their fitting. Jonathan’s child model isn’t impressed with what he’s made for her. By the end of the day, Amy still hasn’t finished her petal pants, so she could be in trouble. Emilio is worried because he’s running low on fabric, while Janeane is feeling confident about her look.

On the day of the runway show, Amy feels she will either be in the top three or the bottom three. She definitely wants to stand out. Thanks to her petal pants, I think we can file that one as “Mission accomplished.” Tim sends in the models, and Jonathan describes the resultant chaos as “Romper Room on crack.” (They still have Romper Room? I remember that show from when I was a kid!) Anthony isn’t used to children, but the girls hang around him and chatter to the point that he wonders if they come with an “off” switch.

Jesse thinks Janeane might be in trouble, as her design is too simple. Jonathan tells us his overall strategy has been to start off in the middle of the pack and then work his way up. We’ll see how well that works.

On the runway, Heidi reminds everybody of the two challenges, then introduces the designers to the judges, including this week’s guest judge, the fashion designer Tory Burch.

The models come out in pairs and it quickly becomes obvious that many of the designers used similar or matching color schemes for their two looks. Anthony is up first. He’d made a ruffled pink dress for the child and a red dress for the woman. Amy’s child model is wearing a creamy top covered with an oversized blue sweater, khaki pants and a two-toned orange skirt. Her adult model is wearing an aqua halter top and pants made of black, aqua, and orange petals. That color scheme is as horrible as it sounds, too.

Ben made lilac dresses for both of his models. Seth Aaron ‘s child model is wearing a black and white checked hoodie with a big white zipper and hot pink pockets decorated to look like watermelon slices. She’s also wearing a black skirt and is carrying a small purse. His adult model is wearing skinny black pants and a jacket made of black and white fabric strips sewn together.

Jesse made grey dresses with red trim for both of his models, but the adult’s dress has black side panels and the child is also wearing a tailored red wool coat. Jonathan’s child model is wearing a yellow dress with white ruffles down the front. She’s also sporting a snug white bolero. His adult model is wearing a short white dress that has ruffles all over the place; it looks like somebody glued cotton balls to her.

Maya made a yellow jacket, a coral top and dark grey leggings for her child model. She also made an asymmetrical chartreuse jacket and dark pants for her adult model.
Mila’s child model is wearing a sleeveless pink and lime dress with dotted leggings. Her adult model is wearing a black and white coat. The common element seems to be the shape of their bodices. Emilio made pink dresses for both of his models.

Janeane’s child model is sporting an orange smock, while her adult model is wearing an ill-fitting orange jacket and black and white pants. Jay made blue jeans and a plum top for his child model. His adult model is wearing a ruffled plum and black shirt and dark pants.