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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 14 – The World Is Waiting for You.

Jeff and Jordan arrive at the pit stop, and are named team number one. I wonder how she’s enjoying China. They have won a trip to Vancouver as winners of this leg of the Race. Perhaps they went to the Olympics. She notes every night she says her prayers asking God to not let her mess up, and so far she’s been lucky. Brett and Caite are the next to arrive, but are indeed given a thirty minute penalty and told to wait it out with Phil.

Monique and Shawne arrive at the paint challenge and take off for their house. As Monique carries the ladder, she compares it to Jesus’ cross, saying if he can do it, so can she. Dan has a major problem, telling Jordan he dropped a paintbrush. His brother tells him they need to first spend some time looking for it before panicking. Steve and Allie have found the wrong red house that needs painting, finding one with a partially done red interior. The people inside are not happy at all to have their help. Monique and Shawne find their green house, and Joe and Heidi keep looking, as do Carol and Brady. Monique and Shawne finish quickly and take off.

Cord finishines going across the line, and Monique and Shawne run onto Phil’s mat to be team number two, while Brett and Caite keep waiting with 21 minutes left. Louie and Michael arrive at the paint and take off for a blue house. Dan and Jordan continue to look for the brush … and argue. They’re worried it’s going to be a penalty. as Jet and Cord arrive at the painting. Shannon finishes going across the line, and Grandma Jodi says she’s proud of her. Dana yells at Adrian, telling him to hurry up d and do it again, as they’re the last ones. He says she’s going to ride him like a horse. She won’t stop loving him, but is still going to keep pushing him.

Steve and Allie finish paiting the house, and the worker, wearing a Sudoku shirt, says they don’t know how to paint. She asks him for the clue, and he looks at her dumbfounded. They realize their mistake and move on. Louie and Michael aren’t sure they’re painting the right house either. Dan and Jordan start painting with the one brush, as Jet and Cord finish and head to the pit stop. Shannon and Jodi reach the paint challenge and look for their house. Jet and Cord arrive on the mat to be team number thee and say they are having fun now, comparing themselves to a couple of hicks from Texas.

Adrian is working his way across the line again. Dan and Jordan arrive on the mat, but incur a fifteen minute penalty because of the lost paintbrush, and take a seat next to Brett and Caite. Steve/Allie and Joe/Heidi arrive on the mat, being named teams four and five. Louie and Michael finish painting their house, and it is indeed the correct one. Carol and Brandy arrive on the mat in sixth place. Brett and Caite’s time is up, and they’re officially team number seven. She wants to still believe they are team number two however. Dan and Jordan’s time is up and they’re team number eight.

Dana says she loves her husband even more for doing this challenge again. Louie and Michael are team number nine, and Phil asks if they’re going to let those young racers beat them. Louie promises to not let it happen again. It’s bad news for Adrian as he falls off the line again. He said he tried, and Dana can’t help but be proud of him for that. Jody and Shannon arrive on the mat in tenth place, and Grandma is excited. Shannon isn’t worried about her, saying with the half marathons she’s won, she’s tough.

Phil stops Dana and Adrian at the challenge, and they’re hoping for a none-elimination, of course. He tells them all the others have checked in, so they are being eliminated. She calls Adrian an Iron Man because he went back and tried this challenge again. Yet it’s gut-wrenching for him to not finish it. Theyv’e been through challenges that the cable can’t even amount up to. He admits they had each other befor the race, and they’ll have each other after the race.

Wow, it’s hard to believe this is just week one. Alright, so we didn’t have the fun of giant cheese wheels hurdling down mountains, but there was a lot of drama and mistakes packed into this episode, despite the fact that we didn’t even have a Detour. We had two penalties and a DNF, as well as someone painting the wrong house. Next week it seems the teams will divide into their alliances, and maybe Jordan will be lucky and finally make it to China.

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