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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 14 – The World Is Waiting for You.

Jordan and Jeff arrive with Jordan deciding to do it, because Jeff is afraid of heights, and she gets afraid, but not as much. Caite encourages Jordan as she’s partway across already. Monique and Shawne arrive, but aren’t sure how to get to the top. Joe and Heidi arive, with him deciding to do it since she has a fear of heights, Jordan decides Dan has the courage to do it, which is awfully nice of him, and Allie decides to do it as well. Dan isn’t afraid, saying if he falls and something breaks, that’s just how it goes. Steve says Alli has balance and courage, and it’s going to make him start to cry to think of his little girl doing it. Jordan yells out to Dan as he passes that he loves him. Brandy decides she’s the one that has the “balance of a cat and the courage of a lion.” Yet, she has to psyche herself out to do it, and really struggles.

Caite is the first to reach the other side, and she and Brett find a clue telling them to take one of the unique trolleys, called funiculars, down the hillside to get their next clue. The teams on the last bus arrive and catch cabs, and as Jet and Cord fall behind “the green team,” and Cord issues the warning to not let the grandma fool you, as she runs marathons, meaning her drive to just keep going has to be amazing. For some reason Monique and Shawn how to get up to the top, and Monique tells Shawne she needs to do it. Dana and Adrian arrive as well, with her Dana telling him to do it.

Dan falls off the line, holding on with his hands. Jordan can’t watch, but tells him just to try and boost himself up. Instead, Dan just pulls himself across the length of the line with his hands. Brandy is still really struggling, wiggling all over the place. She says later she was totally scared and something was freakng her out. Shawne just keeps telling herself that God is with her as she goes across. Dana thinks Adrian has more strengh to pull himself across, but knows it’s a judgment call as he’s also more heavier.

Jordan complains about her arms hurting, and Jeff tells her not to worry about it and just keep going. She eventually finishes, and they get the clue to take the funicular. Brent and Caite had the clue, but had no idea what a funicular was (to be fair, at least it’s not a candelabra), and walk all the way down. Jordan and Jeff ask some locals what a funicular is. Jordan and Dan finish as well, as Jeff, Jordan, and the brothers all end up on the same funicular. They figure Brent and Caite must be very far ahead, and Jordan the brother feels he must have underestimated them.

Brent and Caite reach the next cluebox, but we know there must be a penalty of some type waiting for them at the end. Phil will either make them go back and take the fanicular, or he will penalize them thirty minutes. The clue they find tells them to choose four cans of paint, carry them up the steep street to find athe house that matches their paint color, and when they finish painting the house that desired color, they’ll get their next clue. They argue a little bit as they go.

Jeff and Jordan are the next to reach the cluebox, followed closely behind by Dan and Jordan. Allie finishes going across the line, and she reads the clue saying they have to ride something down now. Joe finishs as well, and they head out looking for the fanicular. Joe/Heidi and Steve/Allie find the fanicular, as Joe admits Allie kicked his but on the line, passing him. Brandy gets to the other side and feels good just to not have given up. Jordan and Jeff can’t find the house they need to paint, and Brent and Caite are still looking as well.

Louie and Michael arrive at the Roadblock finally in ninth place, with Louie deciding to walk the line. Shawne finally inches her way across, and she and Monique take off looking for the fanicular. Jody/Shannon and Jet/Cord are still riding in cabs to the Roadblock. Jodi calls the cowboys the cutest boys. She thinks it’ll be a fight for it at the finish, guessing that they might be the two last teams.

Steve and Allie arive at the paint cans, as well as Joe and Heidi. Jordan and Jeff are still looking for the house they need to finish painting. Jordan compares Jeff to a coach, and he thinks she just needs someone to motivate her. They start paitning as Brent and Caite find their building that needs to be painted. Carol and Brady reach the cluebox, and get green, calling it “Martha Stewarts tea home green, before jail.”

Jordan and Jeff finish paiting and receive the next clue. They are to head to Palacio Baburizza, the pit stop for this first leg of the race. Jeff and Jordan run to the pit stop as Brett and Caite finish painting their house.

Adrian still travels across the line, saying the wires aren’t made for heavy guys, as the cowboys and mom/grandma arrive. Jet thinks this one is for Cord, and Jody knows that people start losing their balance at age 40, so at 71, she needs to defer to Shannon. Adrian falls off his line, but is still attached by the harness. He struggles to get back up, as a person helping on the course comes out to rescue him. He’s completely fatigued, but has to start all over again.


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