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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 14 – The World Is Waiting for You.

The clue on top of their bags tells them to catch flights to Santiago, Chile. Brandy asks who takes the bus in L.A.? Carol admits to her public transportation is like not using the valet parking. Jet and Cord think they know less about where they are going than anyone else. Cord says the county he lives in has one light, and it’s flashing yellow.

Jeff and Jordan ask a bus driver what the quickest way is to get to the airport, and they’re told to walk east to Union Station, then take the FlyAway. Dan and Adrian hang on the bus driver’s every word. Monique and Shawne get excited when they see a black person in a car and ask them for directions. They’re given the same info that the others got from the bus driver. Carol and Brandy get the same info from a random car driving by. Apparently color of skin doesn’t matter for directions. Jody and Shannon make friends with Louie and Michael. Louie thought Jody was Shannon’s mom, and for that she offers to make him a home-cooked dinner.

Brent and Caite are waiting for the bus, and Jordan the brother runs past saying, “I love you, Miss Teen South Carolina.” He says he almost pooped himself when he saw her. He does an imaitation of her map question, making fun of her. Louie falls behind, and Michael tells him the little old lady is kicking his butt. Joe and Heidi take the bus, as she says Joe knows the downtown area well. They run into Steve and Allie there. Brent/Caite and Dan/Jordan get on the same train.

However the detectives and mom/grandma just miss the train. Carol/Brandy and Jeff/Jordan reach the LAX FlyAway, and Jeff tells Jordan he thinks they’re going to Guatemala, to which she asks, “China?” Maybe she’s one of the people who couldn’t afford a map. Jordan says she’s never heard of some of these places, and Jeff asks her if she hasn’t ever played Carmen San Diego. The others on the bus are happy to be headed towards Chile. Joe and Heidi think with four teams on the train that they’re definitely one that will make the first three teams. Those on the bus are getting ready to run, and Carol is getting ready to break someone’s leg.

It’s a mad dash as the bus arrives at the airport, and they’re running looking for the marker. Monique arrives at the counter without Shawne, followed by Jordan who asks for tickets to China. Monique and Shawne secure tickets on the first flight, and somehow Jordan and Jeff get the first flight as well, despite the fact she is headed towards the wrong continent. Dana and Adrian are the third team to make it.

Carol and Brady try to get tickets on that flight, but are told it’s full. She oesn’t try to break anyone’s leg. The teams from the train arrive asking for tickets on the first flight and are dismayed to find the first flight already full. Jordan the brother fills Carol and Brady in on Caite and her map answer. Cord thinks he and Jet should change money, and wonder if the money they’re supposed to be getting is Brazilian. That’s what they get. Caite is told that “the lesbians,” as they’ve been monikered, were asking where her tiara was.

It’s bad news for those on the first flight, as maintenace have advised the airline to delay the flight. It’s being delayed at least ten minutes, but they think they might be getting another aircraft, so it could be much longer. Adrian and Dana look into getting other tickets, and that tips off Jeff/Jordan and Monique/Shawne to do the same. Jordan the brother sees them all getting on the same flight and says, “Oh snap.” I’m not sure why this is just being asked now, but Jeff asks Jordan if she’s ever been out of the country, then asks if she has any illegal fruits or plants with her.

The detectves and mom/grandma have somehow caught up to everyone else, with all teams being on the same flight now to Santiago. Once they land, they will need to find more buses, and those will take them another 60 miles to the city of Valparaiso. It’s known for a system of trolleys, and because of that is known as the San Francisco of South America. They’ll make their way to the top of Ascensor Villaseca to get their next clue.

As the plane lands, four teams hit the first departing bus, the 12:15, Jeff/Jordan, Monique/Shawn, Brent/Caite, and Dana/Adriana. Monique says it’s important for them to pull a little bit of a victory after being kicked off the first flight. To be fair, they weren’t kicked off. They decided not to wait. They next group of teams hit the 12:20 bus, and Jet nd Cord try to use their Brazilian currency and are told it needs to be Chilean. They’re not allowed on and have to go back inside to chang the money. Most of the remaining teams make it on the bus, save for of course the cowboys, the detectives, and mom/grandma, with the two latter teams just not seeming to be able to catch a break. They take the next bus.

The first bus arrives at Valparaiso, and Jeff and Jordan get a cab right away, as Brent and Caite take off right behind them The other two teams on that bus eventually find cabs as well. The next group of teams off the second bus get cabs without incident. Brett and Caite are the first team to the next clue and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must walk across laundry lines strung high above the village, walking the length of a football field. At the other end, they’ll get the next clue. Brent tells Caite to do this one. She doesn’t have a fear of heights and says she’s a tomboy at heart anyway. She just wants to win.


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