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The Amazing Race 16, Feb. 14 – The World Is Waiting for You.

Maybe in celebration of tonight’s season premiere of The Amazing Race and Valentine’s Day we won’t have any fighting couples on the show. Do you think? Yeah, I don’t either. One couple many of us are waiting to see is Jeff and Jordan from the last season of Big Brother. I’m interested to see if the innocent act was just that, an act, or if that’s how she really is. If it’s how she really is, remember she didn’t always get how to tell time, so they could have an early exit in this show.

Brent and Caite, dating models from S. Carolina. She competed for Miss Teen USA and “made a mistake” by answering the question of why many Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a map, and started talking about people not having maps in our nation and not being able to find South Africa and Iraq. Brent doesn’t think she deserves the crap people give her. Her and Jordan are going to get along just fine.

Jet and Cord, professional cowboys/brothers from Oklahoma. These cowboys and are well-titled. They know there might be some things from the Race that are unnerving, but dealing with an 1800 pound bull is a little unnerving too.

Steve and Allie, father and daughter from Southern California. He’s a professional baseball coach and has won the World Series. He’s gone so many months of the year that he wants something to come back to after all that to say, “Hey, we actually really did that.”

Dan and Jordan, brothers from Rhode Island. One is gay, and one isn’t. They won’t be holding their sexuality back from anybody. While Jordan says gay is the only way, Dan says that’s not true.

Dana and Adrian, high school sweethearts and married. She states they’ve learned a lot from their mistakes. He took all their savings and put it into a business that failed miserably. Having gone through so much, they’ll use it to their advantage to win the Race.

Jordan and Jeff, dating long distance. They show the clip of her trying to figure out that pesky time thing. He says they’ve been together almost every weekend since she won Big Brother, and “so far so good.” He seems to be reserving judgment for how they do here.

Jodi and Shannon, grandmother and granddaughter, both triathletes. Jodi says even at ge 71 you can become an endurance athlete. She’s done fifteen triathlons and three half marathons. She’s looking forward to showing people what a former couch potato can do.

Louie and MIchael, undercover detectives from Rhode Island. Michael says they’ve learned to adapt to every situation, dealing with a millionaire one day and crack addicts the next. Louie says they’re used to dealing with scum of the earth, as Michael admits he thinks they could win every leg.

Monique and Shawne, best friends and attorneys. They’re moms that make it happen having skill, emotional stablity, and determination to win for sure.

Joe and Heidi, married parents from El Segunda, California. He says he, Big Joe, is the leader, and he’s leading the charge. She knows he’s confrontational, though, and has said thing that really piss people off.

Carol and Brandy, dating, from Los Angeles. They think they’ll win the race if they rip open the clue and it says to find the nearest Louis Vuitton. They argue slightly about who’s more princessy and who’s more high maintenance.

Phil tells everyone that as they travel around the wrld, they’ll be facing one of the most difficult and demanding races ever. Their first clue is waiting inside an envelope on top of the bags they brought with them. When he gives the word, they’ll go to the bags, read the clue, and figure out how to get to the airport using public transportation, which he says in L.A. can be a major challenge. The first three teams there will get tickets on the first flight, and the others will leave nearly an hour later on a second flight. “The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe. Go!”


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