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Project Runway 7, Feb. 11 – Cover Girls

The judges start with Ben who wanted to do a modern interpretation of a butterfly. Michael says it cuts through the noises of a noisy newsstand, which is Michael-speak for calling it an attention-grabber. Nina likes the colors and the modern feel. Joanna calls it a “contender” and says it would be worn by a confident person.

Anna wanted to complement Heidi’s coloring. Nina says Heidi has a great body, while Anna’s outfit has no shape. Joanna finds the three pieces of the design nauseating. Michael thinks Anna missed the point of the magazine, while Heidi says the pieces were well-made.

Anthony wanted clean lines and a good fit. Michael thinks it’s modern-looking. Nina likes his use of color, while Heidi considers the dress slimming.

Janeane tells the judges that she was inspired by the ocean with sea colors and seashell shapes. Michael thinks there is too much going on for a magazine cover, while Heidi doesn’t think it’s fashion forward. Joanna isn’t getting the beach – unless it’s a polluted beach covered with plastic bottles. Ouch. Nina thinks it’s too bridal and sweet.

Mila wanted to make something strong, feminine, and slimming. Michael thinks the color is like that of an ace bandage, while the top reminds him of a jogger’s bra. Nina really dislikes the arrows pointing to the crotch, and Joanna thinks the colors don’t look confident.

Emilio wanted a strong, sexy color with a lot of detail. Michael praises Emilio for his skill in structuring jersey. Joanna thinks the look would draw customers to the magazine. Nina, however, thinks the dress looks a bit junior. Emilio gets the hint, takes some scissors, and promptly cuts off the straps of his dress. He also undoes the model’s ponytail. Both changes improve the look significantly.

The judges then chat, starting with the designers they disliked. Janeane’s look was weak. Anna’s look was well-made, but still bad. Mila designed an equivalent to hospital food. Ow.

Onto the designers they did like. Emilio’s dress had to be redesigned on the runway, but his readiness to do so pleased Joanna. Even before the alterations, the dress had good color and cleavage. Ben’s dress was modern, chic, and very eye-catching. Anthony’s was charming and showed that he’d thought about coloring and figure.

The judges then announce their decision. First, Heidi tells everybody that the winner won’t get immunity, as the reward is so substantial. She then announces the winner: Anthony! Ben, Emilio, and Mila are all in, leaving Janeane and Anna in the bottom two.

Janeane’s look was bridal and not fashion-forward, while Anna’s look was simply forgettable. Anna is therefore out.

Next week: Elementary school girls serve as the models.

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