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Project Runway 7, Feb. 11 – Cover Girls

Janeane talks about how she hasn’t faced the judges yet. She also wants a layered look. Tim fears the result could look like “clown clothes.” Ben tells Tim that he’s trying for a “butterfly on acid” look, and Tim can certainly see the colors in his look. He advises Ben against using a cheap-looking pink metallic fabric. Anna talks about juxtaposing cooler colors with a feminine shape. Tim asks, “Is this Anna?” Emilio is making a cocktail dress with ombre lacing and wants to do an intricate neckline. Tim doesn’t want him to get in a position where he can’t do that.

The models come in for their fitting. Jesse is pleased to have the front of his dress finished. Jay is using muted colors and a long, feminine skirt. Anna is upset to discover that her shorts don’t fit the model. In fact, they don’t even come close to fitting the model.

Jay thinks something about Mila is fake. Emilio doesn’t object to Mila as a person, but he considers her a one-trick pony. He notes that she uses color-blocking in every challenge. Mila herself tells us that she’s here to win. Anthony wants his look to do something special, but isn’t sure how to make that happen. At 11:50, Janeane still needs to finish her skirt, while Emilio frets that his dress is too short, and there’s no time to recut.

The next morning, Maya hopes to be in top three. Janeane fears she and Anna have missed the mark, while Mila is confident that she’s on target.

Tim sends in the models. He stresses that this a big challenge. Again, we’re told how everybody wants to win this challenge so Heidi can wear their design on the cover of Marie Claire. Emilio doesn’t like the muted tans or taupes many of his competitors are using. Ben’s model likes his outfit.

On the runway, we learn that this week’s guest judge is Joanna Coles of Marie Claire. First up is Amy, whose mind must have wandered when Coles was spelling out the rules. Her model is wearing a multi-colored print dress with a lot of black and red in it. Seth Aaron sends down a grey suit with a yellow shirt. Jesse made a dark blue dress with a basket-weave detail in the front. It’s nice – but not for spring. It looks more like a fall outfit.

Anna made black shorts, a sleeveless aqua top with some embroidered detail on the front, and a beige vest. The ensemble looks like it was made for a teenager, and I believe Heidi is in her 30’s. Anthony also thought aqua, but his one-shouldered minidress with its many folds is plainly for an adult. Janeane made a light yellow minidress with messy shoulders of green satin and a translucent yellow fabric.

Mila sends down a sleeveless minidress made of several shades of beige and brown. The different colors all form arrows on the sides and at the bottom, with the latter pointing at the model’s crotch. Whoops. Emilio made a short red cocktail dress. Jay sends down a cream dress with a train, which tells me he missed the part about concentrating on the outfit’s top half.

Jonathan made a long-sleeved yellow mini-dress with brown trim. Maya sends down a two-toned beige dress with a big, multi-layered collar. Ben made a sleeveless blue dress with a long yellow stripe down the front. The dress also boasts a wide black belt.

Heidi calls Seth Aaron, Jay, Maya, Jesse, Jonathan, and Amy. They are safe and will move on to the next round. The other six have the highest and lowest scores between them.