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Project Runway 7, Feb. 11 – Cover Girls

Last week, on Project Runway, the designers had to make a red dress for the Campbell’s Soup Address Your Heart Program gala. Their models were all survivors of heart disease. Amy won and Jesus was sent home.

The next morning, as the designers get up and get dressed, Anthony tells us how happy he is that he wasn’t on the bottom again. Anna is upset that she was in the bottom two. Mila notes that people didn’t congratulate her for coming in second, and believes they might be jealous. Well, given that everybody is there to win, most people aren’t going to be happy when they see someone who might get between them and victory.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers and cryptically tells them they will have to make a “picture-perfect” look. She sends them on a field trip where they will meet a special guest. Emilio guesses they are going to a photographer’s studio. Actually, they end up going to the Hearst Building, where they meet Tim and Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. She issues this week’s challenge and reward: Design a look for a celebrity to wear on Marie Claire’s cover.

Coles lays down some rules: Designing for the cover isn’t just about the outfit. The designers have to consider the cover lines that will share the cover with the winning design. This means that color matters. Patterns are frowned upon, as is black. The photograph typically shows the subject only from the waist up, so the contestants should concentrate on the person’s top half. Also, consider the season; the photograph will be used for the April issue.

As for the lucky celeb Our Heroes will be designing for? It’s Heidi Klum herself.

Back at Parson’s, the designers are told they have 30 minutes to sketch and one day to complete the challenge. Anna decides on an “icy” color palette, with a lot of pale blues and grays, while Anthony decides to make something form-fitting, but not slutty. Ben decides to focus on color. Jesse and many other designers are excited about this challenge, as it would mean a huge career boost for the winner. I’m not going to recap every single time somebody mentions this fact. Nor am I going to recap every single time somebody moans about the time constraints.

The designers go to Mood, where they can spend 30 minutes and $150. Janeane runs around frantically grabbing fabric.

Back at the workshop, both Jesse and Anthony note how quiet the workroom is. People are focusing on their work. Of course, Seth Aaron can’t stand the quiet and decides to make as much noise as he can, to the annoyance of his fellows. Have I mentioned that Seth Aaron is one of the older people on this show? It’s hard to believe sometimes. Anthony jokingly wonders if Seth Aaron smoked something other than a cigarette during his last break.

Ben has decided to use a lot of colors in his look and is worried about the combination that he’s picked out. He tells us that his fuchsia fabric looks magenta. There’s a difference? Mila notes that both Ann and Anthony are using a bright turquoise fabric. Anna has never made a three-piece outfit before, so the pressure is on. Bad move, Anna. Now’s not the time to be experimenting! When pressed for time, the smart play is to stick with something you know. Janeane worries that her look might be too “bridal.” Mila finds the time constraints frustrating because she wants her look to be perfect. Anna is working hard on her shorts, which need to be perfect given her past construction problems. Um, I’d worry more about the top, you know, the part that’s going to be photographed.

Jesse tells us that Emilio and Mila are strong competitors, even though he doesn’t like Mila’s fashion sense. Mila herself doesn’t see the other designers as serious competition, with the possible exceptions of Jay and Maya. Is this a “cocky” edit I’m seeing? Is Mila being set up for a win or a fall?

Tim comes in to make his rounds. He starts with Anthony, who tells him that he’s thinking about a short, informal look for Heidi. Other than that, he’s not sure what his dress will look like. Worried, Tim reminds him about time. Mila is making a dress out of stretch wool that will have a V-shaped pattern. Oops. I thought the rules said “No patterns.”