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American Idol 9, Feb. 10 – Dying Dreams

All in all, it seemed to work out pretty well with Ellen DeGeneres onboard American Idol last night. Paula Abdul never bothered me personally anyway, but the judging seemed to go as well as last year. The four judges still seem to be a bit much, though, but I think people could debate until the end of time which of the four should be the one to leave. Let’s not even get started on Life A.S., aka Life After Simon. This is what we have this year, and it looks to be a good one, as we get ready to start Group Night.

As soon as all the contestants are done singing on day two in Hollywood, they set out finding groups right away. One group to form right away is The Dreamers, consisting of Mary Powers, Alex Lambert, and Margo May. Once they started choosing songs, that got the attention of Hope Johnson and Erin Hundley. Alex feels like the other two forced their way into the group.

The Mighty Rangers all auditioned in Denver, and noticed they were just drawn to each other. Phoenix includes Jermaine Sellers, Kat Nestel, and Moorea Masa. Moorea was in a group with Danny Gokey and Jamal Rodgers last year in Hollywood, so she’s got a little experience. She thinks if they rehearse in the same spot as last year, in the closet, it will bring them luck. Or maybe it wasn’t luck, and just that she had Danny Gokey on her side.

Tori Kelly, Maddie Penrose, Mark Labriola, Kimberly Kerbow, and Danny Jones are the singers in The Mighty Rangers. They may know they all auditioned in Denver, but they don’t know much else. Margo has lost the rest of the The Dreamers. She finally finds Mary and Alex, and they discuss concerns about the other two. Margo refers to them as really sweet, but doesn’t get that “captivating vibe” about them. Mary wants to just fire them since they aren’t there.

Once Hope and Erin finally show up, the Dreamers still want them out, and Hope and Erin offer to leave. Mary takes control and asks for a clearer set of rules on how many people need to be in the group. Paige Miles and Thaddeus Johnson just want to find a place for their group to rehearse. The others in the group are Jessica Cunningham and Liz Rooney, with the group being called Neapolitan. They find a spot to rehearse and decide to do Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Destiny’s Wild is also doing a little Lady Gaga. They’re not holding back and are just belting it out, seeming to stop everyone else in their tracks. Their group, Siobhan Magnus, Jareb Liewer, Theri, and Todrick Hall, are uprooted to another spot, because of their loudness. They’re right next to Neapolitan, though. This just makes both groups get really loud and really frustrated. Todrick thinks the others are going down.

The members of Phoenix are letting Moorea run the group, but the others don’t like her arrangement. They don’t think they’ll get the harmonies, and she thinks that’s a copout. Erin and Hope aren’t happy with the way Mary is running the group, but they get it all worked out and decide to work as a whole again. Yet, they have a lot of work ahead.

Michael “Big Mike” Lynche’s group Team Awesome, finished ahead of everyone else. It looks like Michael Castro is in his group. Big Mike’s wife is about the deliver their first child, so he has all sorts of things going on in his head right now. The Mighty Rangers are finding that auditioning in the same place does not a good group make. It’s 3:00 AM and the dance moves aren’t even down yet. Many groups are in bed, but The Dreamers are still working. Mary says it’s not about them carrying her to final 24. They aren’t the only ones having trouble with Mary, as she also battles it out with Michael Orland, the vocal coach.

Destiny’s Wild works it out with Debra Byrd, with Neapolitan waiting for their chance. They finally get it really well, and sang it celebration style off to bed. Neapolitan gets their shot finally with Byrd and are really tired.

The next morning, everyone is picking up their practicing again and seem much chipper. Destiny’s Wild feels it’s a good collaboration. However, many people are struggling with lyrics, especially Phoenix. See, it turns out it wasn’t the closet they need, but some hard work. Mary is now bitching at Alex, calling him the weakest link. Big Mike gets an update from his wife that she’s dilated to 8 cm. Destiny’s Wild is impressing everyone, including Mary. She cries, wishing they had that.


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