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American Idol 9, Feb. 9 – Ellen's Big Debut

On day two, Simon reminds everyone to remember their words, yet we never see anyone forgeetting them. In the first group is Jay Stone, 25, a music business grad student, Miami, who had been compared to Blake Lewis. He puts way too much beat boxing in this time, leaving Simon unimpressed and Ellen joking that something is wrong with his mic. Lilly Scott, 20, a musician/sandwich maker, LIttleton, Co, sings Lullaby of Birdland, and he has a unique old-fashioned sound with an updated look. Kara tells her everything about her is refreshing. She’s in the group that makes it through, but Jay doesn’t.

Michael Lynche, 26, a personal trainer, Astoria, NY, had found out just before his audition that his wife was having a little girl, and right before his time on stage in Hollywood, he takes a call form her that her water just broke and she’s starting to feel contractions. He wants to be there, and she wants him to succeed and stay here. He tells the judges his wife is having a baby right now, and won’t be happy if he doesn’t come home with a vicory. Also, he’ll pummel anyone that disagrees. He sings Waiting On the World to Change and gets the crowd to sing the chorus for him. Simon thinks it’s good with a different arrangement. Simon tells him it’s a good day. He’s in, and it looks like’s he’s following Jason Castro’s brother, Michael off the stage.

Justin Williams, 27, a vocal coach, Sandy, UT, the cancer survivor, is waiting to go on, as well as Tim Urban, 20, a college student/musician, Duncanvillle, TX. Tim didn’t have a good original audition and needs to impress now. Tim sings Come Back to Me, and sings much better than he had before. Kara tells him the chorus was a little shaky, but good other than that. Justin sings something that could be a really unique version of Fly Me to the Moon, but we don’t hear enough of the lyric. Randy tells him it was definitely interseting. Justin goes home, and Tim and the others move on.

Paige Dechausse, 21, a college student, Morris, IL, who had asthma as a kid, takes an early exit, as does Erica Rhodes, 23, a grad student, Irving, TX, aka the Barney & Friends dominatrix. Sisters Bernadette Desimone, 27, waitress, and Amanda Desimone, 23, a sales associate, Cherry Hill, NJ, both get sent home.

Maddy Curtis, 16, Bluemont, VA, has the brothers with Down’s Syndrome. Here she sings The Nearness of You … beautifully, I’ll add, yet Simon tells her it was the wrong song for her. Casey James, 27, a musician, Forth Worth, is the one who took his shirt off for Kara, and he plays blues guitar tonight, sounding better than I remember from his original audition, and he has his hair up again and a shirt on. Randy loved it and calls him a real singer/songwriter. Casey steps forward and moves on, but Maddy goes home to her brothers. Her mom consoles her, telling her she’s only 16. Let’s hope we see her again.

It’s the last group of the day to go onstage. In this group is Didi Benami, 22, a waitress, Hollywood, CA, who sang in memory of her best friend. She’s singing one of Kara’s songs and says she’s been working really hard on it. She sings Terrified and definitely does the song justice. I think she has a little more passion that Katharine McPHee, too. Simon hates to admit it, but says he really liked it. He likes the idea that a wiatress comes on and does well.

Crystal Bowersox, 23, a musican/mom, Elliston, OH, is in the group as well. She gets a tattoo of her son because she misses him. She sings Natural Woman, and does it more uniquely than trying to copy Kelly Clarkskon who was the last original to do it. The audience becomes her choir. Simon tells her she’s infectious and real. Crystal and Didi step forward and make it through.

Tomorrow night is the dreaded Group Night. That’s always good for a few laughs … and a few tears. Ryan Seacrest tells us the results are going to shock us. Oh boy! So how was Ellen on her first night? Pretty good. Did it make me forget Paula? Not really. But truthfully, it was a different show the minute Kara joined, so it’s hard to say is it different now with Ellen, because it was last year anyway.

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