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Project Runway 7, Feb. 4 – Have a Heart

Ben made a gown with a wide gold belt and a long slit. He used the logo fabric for a trim. Mila’s dress is decorated with large ivory star cutouts. She used the Campbell Soup logo for trim. Janenane made a red and white dress and added a corsage made out of the logo fabric. Seth Aaron made a black skirt, a red shirt, and a belt made from the Campbell’s logo fabric.

Heidi then calls Mila, Maya, Amy, Anna, Jesse, and Jesus. She congratulates the other designers for having made it to the next round. They are safe, while the six she did call will have to face the judges, who start with Mila. She explains how she had gravitated to using Campbell’s stars while looking through the portfolio. Georgina considers the look a fun design and Nina loves the star idea. Heidi thinks that not everybody could pull off this look, but Tren’ess certainly does. Michael agrees, commenting that Tren’ness “owns” the dress.

Jesse wanted to cinch the waist and fill the breast area. He also wanted to pair the look with a jacket. Heidi doesn’t think it stands out enough, while Michael thinks it looks like a majorette costume. Nina and Michael don’t think the logo corsage was very creative, and Georgina deems the white belt unflattering. Nina does like the neckline of the top, while Michael thinks the fabric is too shiny.

Jesus talks about how he used labeling on the sides and he thinks the beaded straps are glamorous. Michael thinks the dress looks as if Jesus had taken a checklist of everything tacky and put it in one dress. Georgina thinks there are too many elements and too many rhinestones. Heidi thinks Jesus has good construction skills, but bad taste. Nina warns Jesus not to go overboard.

Amy says she wanted her client, Nadine, to feel sexy and confident in a strapless top that showed off her scar. Nina thinks the dress is beautiful, especially with the way it moves. The judges praise Amy’s choice of fabric, and say the dress looks modern, sexy, and elegant. Georgina thinks Nadine looks confident and happy in the dress.

While Anna wanted to create a waist, Nina likes the bottom half of the dress, but doesn’t think the overall silhouette works. Michael agrees that makes her model look big up top – as in broad shoulders. (As I have broad shoulders myself, I don’t consider this a disaster, but whatever.) Georgina doesn’t think it looks suitable for evening wear.

Maya, like Amy, wanted to show her client’s scar. Heidi thinks the dress has an interesting shape. Nina likes the half-heart, the draping, and the clutch. The dress made Georgina want to look at it again. Michael calls it interesting and elegant.

The then dismiss everybody to have their chat, starting with the designers they didn’t like. Jesse’s short wide jacket was ill-fitting, but his top had a good neckline. Jesus’ dress was the sort of shiny, short, tight and tacky dress they’ve seen before– and the crystal beads did not help. The judges agree that Jesus can sew well, but has poor taste. Anna’s dress just looked like “a bag tied in the middle.” Her design was inappropriate for the challenge.

Onto the designers they did like. The judges liked the stars and neckline on Mila’s dress. Amy handled fabrics well. The judges appreciated the shine of charmeuse through the chiffon. Her dress also had a good silhouette. Maya made an interesting, well-thought-out dress and a cute bag.

The judges announce their decision. Maya is in, and Amy is the winner. Mila and Jesse are in, leaving Anna and Jesus in the bottom two. The judges tell Jesus that his dress looked tacky and cheap and tell Anna that hers was poorly made and unflattering. Anna is in, which means Jesus, to nobody’s surprise but his own, is finally out.

Next week: The designers face their “biggest challenge” and could win an unprecedented reward. One designer is told their outfit looks like “clown clothes.”

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