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Project Runway 7, Feb. 4 – Have a Heart

The women come in for their fitting. Stephanie likes Anna’s dress so far. Jesse finds that he needs to make some major adjustments. Emilio considers Jesus talented; he and Tricia agree that Jesus’ mother must be proud of him. Jesus tells us he has two brothers, one of them his twin, and that they were all raised by a single mother. He believes his background gives him his passion for designing.

Anthony notes that many of his competitors aren’t used to making clothes for normal women. Rose asks Seth Aaron to make her something draped and he demurs as that’s not his usual style. Janenane finds her model Beth inspiring because of her personality and background. Similarly, Emilio notes that being surrounded by cheerful heart disease survivors has given him a new perspective on the competition; it isn’t all about him.

After the women leave, Janeane has an accident and drops her dress in a bucket of water. Talk about bad timing, as Tim has come to make his rounds. He starts with Jesse, who wants to make his model look taller and more slender than she is. He shows the sweetheart jacket he’s making, and Tim notes that without the jacket he doesn’t have much. Tim likes Anna printing the logos on her chiffon, and he also likes Mila’s “star wraparound.” Mila also comments that fitting her model was tough, but Tim tells her it’s a great opportunity to design for average-sized women.

Jesus tells Tim that he’s making a fitted dress with lots of cleavage as per Tricia’s request. He believes he incorporated the logo fabric well enough to avoid looking cheap. He also believes his dress fits Tricia well. Maya shows off the heart shape she’s working with and tells Tim if she has time, she’ll make a cocktail purse with the Campbell’s logo on it. Tim encourages her to do so. Amy is worried about the fit of her dress, but plans to leave the left side open to reveal the model’s scar, which Tim calls a “badge of courage.”

Tim is surprised by Seth Aaron’s draped dress and asks him, “When did you go Grecian?” Seth Aaron replies that he “went Grecian” about two hours ago, because his client, Rose, wants a draped dress. Tim doesn’t dislike the dress, but points out that the style is very unlike Seth Aaron’s usual. In fact it’s so unlike it, that Tim declares that if somebody were to ask him who had made the draped dress, Seth Aaron’s name would be the last one to occur to him. He reminds Seth Aaron that he needs to please the judges as well as his client. With just two-and-a-half hours left before midnight, Seth Aaron decides to scrap the draped dress and start over. He decides to come up with something that has more of his usual style in it.

The next morning, Anthony jokes about how the women have not only had to survive heart disease, they’ll also have to survive the judges snarking about how horrible the designers made them look. Amy mentions she still has about 70% of her dress to finish. Ben is worried for Seth Aaron, because he’d started a new look so late. Speaking of Seth Aaron, he’s opted to do a retro look. Maya notes that since everybody did a red dress, the shape will be what makes each dress stand out.

Tim sends in the models. Anna feels rushed making sure everything is just so. Emilio snarks that Mila’s star dress looks like a cheap flag at a Thanksgiving Day parade. Seth Aaron is floored that he actually finished his dress. Jesus thinks his model looks beautiful in his dress, but Janeane thinks it’s too short and tight for a gala party. Jay’s model likes the dress he’d made for her.

Finally, it’s off to the runway where the designers are introduced to today’s guest judge, Georgina Chapman, the designer and co-founder of Marchesa. Jonathan is the first to send down his look. It’s a long, sleeveless dark red gown with tiered ruffles forming the skirt. Emilio made a short belted dress. Maya sends down a draped dress that has a creamy sash sewn into it, to form a half-heart. She also made a clutch out of some logo fabric.

Anthony made a three-piece outfit consisting of a vest, shirt, and skirt. The shirt is patterned with the Campbell’s Soup logo. Amy sends down a shoulderless, belted dress made of some gauzy material that seems to float. She put the logo on the belt. Jesus made a tight, short dress made with a shiny satin and held up by crystal beads. His dress has the logo down the sides.

Anna sends down a dress with a belt. Jay sends down a long, shoulderless gown with a small train. Jesse made a red dress with a white belt and a short white jacket that ends at belt-level.