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Project Runway 7, Feb. 4 – Have a Heart

Last week, on Project Runway, the designers had to work in teams for the first time this season. They had to produce a high-end signature piece and a look-for-less inspired by another team’s work. They ended up spending an unprecedented $500 on the signature piece and a measly $50 on the look-for-less. Mila won, while Ping was sent home.

The next morning, Anna is not surprised that Ping was sent home. She has been bonding with her one remaining roommate, Janeane, which worries her a bit as this is supposed to be a competition. Jesus is excited to still be in the competition and even talks about going to Bryant Park. Offhand, I’d say he’s got about as much chance at showing a collection there as I do – and I’m not a designer. Jesse wants to start fresh after the calamity of working with Ping. He certainly doesn’t want to be in the bottom again. Maya notes that she and Mila have similar tastes, despite an age gap of over 15 years.

Heidi Klum meets the designers on the runway and tells them they will be designing a look for a Fashion Week gala. She sends them to meet Tim Gunn and a group of “inspiring women” in the work room. There, Tim introduces them to Lisa Walker, the vice-president of innovation at Campbell’s Soup. She tells them that Campbell’s has teamed up with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement to create Campbell’s red dresses. The Fashion Week gala is to honor women afflicted with heart disease.

The challenge is to create a signature look for the Campbell’s Soup Address Your Heart program. In keeping with tradition, the dress has to be red (or mostly red) and has to incorporate the Campbell’s Soup logo. To help with the latter, Walker has provided some fabric emblazoned with said logo. Of course, the designers can also make their own.

Tim then introduces everybody to “inspiring women” whose lives have been “impacted by heart disease.” They will serve as this week’s models. The winning designer not only gets immunity but also gets to accompany their model to the gala and sell their design on Project Runway’s website to benefit the American Heart Association.

The models are randomly assigned to the designers. Mila tells us that she’s excited to be working with a real woman. During the half-hour of sketching, the designers and the models get to know each other a bit. Jesse talks to Jennifer who tells him that her heart tends to stop when she gets overheated or dehydrated. Another woman needs a pacemaker. Jay is impressed by Julie, who was once dead for two minutes.

Jesus tells Tricia how he’ll pleat the Campbell’s fabric, and he tells us that he’s pleased to see that she is tiny. Nadine wants Amy to make her a flowing dress. Mila decides to use the star icon from Campbell’s on her dress. Kaitlin hopes that Ben will make her look sexy. He plans to oblige with a cut-out back. Anthony tells us that his mother has had heart disease. He’s pleased that he has a chance to make Tisha, who has hypertension, happy.

The designers have 30 minutes and a budget of $100 to spend in Mood. Red fabrics have been prominently displayed for their benefit. Emilio wants to make something flirty. Jesse decides to make a jacket, which calls for expensive fabric.

This is a one-day challenge, and Janeane feels the pressure of making a gown in ten hours. Anna plans to put her printmaking background to work by tracing the Campbell’s logo onto red chiffon. Maya wants to use a heart shape, without making the result look like something for Valentine’s Day. Amy worries about sending her model down the runway in something unattractive. Seth Aaron notes that these women are bigger than the usual models. He’s used to working with women who wear size 4 or size 6 and finds working with normally proportioned women very challenging.

Jonathan wonders if his design is too disgusting, and Amy assures him it’s cute. She’s having trouble with her fabric, which seems to change shape every time she cuts it. Jay wants to make his client, Julie, look taller, so he plans on using a lot of vertical lines in his design.