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American Idol 9, Feb. 3 – Best Voices We've Heard Since the Beginning

Michael Lynche, 26, Astoria, NY, is a personal trainer and is totally buff, saying he does circuit training. He’s the next American Idol he believes, because “I got these guns.” He brings his baby mama in, and they just found out their first child will be a baby girl, although everybody thinks it’s going to be a baby boy. He sings Unchained Melody, and everyone is enchanted. He sings beautifully. He’s compared to a singing teddy bear and gets in. He’s my favorite so far.

Didi Benami, 22, a waitress, Hollywood, CA, is auditioning in memory of her best friend, Rebecca. She passed away, and it was horrifying, as it felt like she lost a part of herself. Didi knew Rebecca always believed in her. She knows her audition will be emotional and sings Hey Jude, and it’s just as emotional as she promised. She has a certain Megan Joy appeal, too, but better. Kara notes she wants it bad, and Didi admits she does and starts to cry. Randy likes her range and thought she had her own sound. She gets in with 4 yeses, including a small yes from Simon.

Aaron Kelly, 16, Sonestown, PA, says things weren’t going well for his parents and they moved around a lot as his dad couldn’t hold down a job. His aunt and uncle adopted them before social services stepped in. He calls his aunt mom as she’s the one that’s raised him. He appreciates all she’s given up for him. He sings The Climb, and has a lot of emotion in his 16-year-old voice. Simon liked it, and Randy liked everything about it, includng that he’s a little shy. Hegets through with four yeses. He wants to be a role model to kids everywhere.

Kimberly Bishop, 20, a nursing student, Altamonte Springs, FL, thinks she should be the next Amerian Idol and pop singer because she has a big heart. She would be very into recycling and helping kids in Africa. Does she think this is a beauty pageant? She tells Randy he lost weight, then sings I Kissed a Girl, and this will not be her talent in that pageant. She lifts up her dress and exposes herself a little, as Kara calls her naughty. She gets noes, then asks if she can be excused. Simon suggests she’d be fun on a date, and Kara just thinks she was weird.

Shaddali Harris, 22, a college student, Arlington, TX, appreciates that her mom came with her, and as she gets kissed by her, says her mom has always been leaving lipstick on her like that. Her mom says she was always singing even when she was holding her on her hip. Shaddali sings flat and can’t carry a tune, but thinks she’s really good. Neil and Kara jam in the background, though, and Randy joins in. Simon says he can’t hear the song anymore as he’s actually allergic to it now, and Kara tells her it wasn’t even the melody. She wants to sing something else, but Randy tells her she can’t sing.Period.

Hope Johnson, 19, a waitress/bartender, Arlington, TX, has six sisters and a brother and says they had to overcome a lot of poverty, but she didn’t know they were poor. She would take food home from her lunch tray and give it to her brother. She knew there was always tomorrow and that it was always gong to be better. There are a lot of things that are worse than going without. Music was always her escape, and she hopes the judges see the positive in her. She has a very sweet innocent voice as she sings I Hope You Dance. Kara says there’s something itneresting about her and her tone, and Randy likes her and the song and just wants her to work on completing her phrases. Simon thinks she’s cute. She’s in.

Finally, next week, it’s Hollywood. By the end, we’ll be down to 24. I’m excited. Even though I knew they were holding out on us waiting to show this talent tonight, I’m still wowed. And still really only one or two more words from Joe Jonas and not nearly enough of Neil. Mostly, we had more Victoria. But none of that matters now, as next week, it’s Ellen DeGeneres.

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