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American Idol 9, Feb. 3 – Best Voices We've Heard Since the Beginning

It’s the last day of auditions and our last day with the guest judges before Ellen DeGeneres officially starts next week. Hopefully we’ll see more of Joe Jonas that the few words we heard from him last week. Who I really want to see more of, though, is Neil Patrick Harris. He was my favorite of all.

First we’re treated to a montage of how popular Pants On the Ground has become, and you have to admit it’s pretty funny. I think the whole season might come down to that, and I’d love to hear someone sing it in Hollywood or even semi-finals.

Jessica Furney, 20, a caregiver, Wamego, KS, auditioned last year singing Janis Joplin, but after a makeover, she decides to sing Footprints In the Sand, co-written by Simon Cowell, but claims she’s not doing it just becuase of that. She sounds really good, and much better than she did doing Joplin. Simon admits it’s a beautiful song, and Victoria wants to know why he’s never written any more songs, saying it’s beautiful. But he won’t answer, saying i’s embarrassing. Regardless, Jessica is in with four yeses.

Amanda Shectman, 19, a theater student, Roslyn, NY, grabs attention by dong a Britney Spears impression and says she does all kinds of voices and can talk with her mouth closed even. Part of her journey is finding the really special thing she can do. She has a great tone, and Posh wants her to work on her expression. Kara wants her to figure out who she is and connect. Simon says she didn’t connect with him, and she explains it’s hard to connect because she’s done so much theater. Simon plays with her a little bit, pretending he doesn’t know what to say, then says yes and puts her through. Now here’s the emotion and connecting, kind of. Doesn’t seem real.

Lee Dewyze, 23, a paint sales clerk, Mount Prospect, IL, has to sing a capella, without his guitar, and sings Ain’t No Sunshine. He’s got a great bluesy soul thing going on. Crystal Bowersox, 23, a musican/mom, Elliston, OH, also gives up her guitar, and sings Piece of My Heart. The Joplin fits her a lot better than it did Jessica. They’re both moving on.

Lacey Brown, 23, a churche event director, Amarillo, TX, had originally auditioned in season 8 and was top 50, but lost out next to Megan Joy. She was disappointed then, but knew it wasn’t the end of the road. She sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and does so quite uniquely, I’ll add, with her own tempo and slightly changed melody. She gets four yeses and a wlecome back to Hollywood.

Stephanie Fisher, 23, student/promotional model, Jamestown, NY, is preparing for her seventh time auditioning and feels 7 is her lucky number, as it appears all over in her life. She’s excited to meet her idol, Victoria Beckham, saying she’s the most beautiful creature she’s ever seen. She also has a crush on Simon. As she walks in all glittery, Randy says he almost wore the same thing.

Singing Fever, it seems like Stephanie isn’t going to make it again. Victoria even gulps when Stephanie goes for the big note. Simon tells her she can’t sing, and Stephanie replies Victoria is her idol so she was distracted. Vicotira looks away, but it doesn’t help. The singing isn’t any better. Victoria tries to make her feel better, saying she has a very definite look, but not one she’d wear. Well, that wasn’t really helpful, was it. Would there ave been a harm in lating this girl think she woul dhave dressed like her?

Rachel Hubbard, 16, Boerne, TX, impresses Joe Jonas, Thaddeus Johnson, 16, Oklahoma City, OK, sings How Am I Supposed to Live Without You and has Kara screaming, and Genesis Moore, 16, McDonough, GA, sounds like she just popped out of a Disney movie. All three make it through.

Looking at athletes, we meet Adrian Chandichi, 17, Apopka, FL, who says he’s 6’8″. He says swimming is his thing, not basketball, and his coch calls him the Big Kahuna. He has a lot of nicknames, and they all have something to do with being big, include The Longzilla, which he loves. He wants to prove it doesn’t matter what size you are when you sing. He sings Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. He doesn’t have a bad voice, but it’s extremely high for a 6’8″ man, as Randy’s laughter proves. Kara suggests he has a small schoolboy trapped inside him, but Simon thinks it’s more likely he’s eaten one. He is told he’s nice and sweet, but doesn’t make it. He leaves his number with them for recallbacks.I’m sure they’ll be calling him real soon.


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