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American Idol 9, Feb. 2 – Rocky Mountain Not So High

Kara has a good feeling at the beginning of day two, and first up is Austin Paul, 22, who is a long snapper on the college football team and a composer of music. His teammates are jeaous, as he doesn’t have to do that much. He sings on his moped when he’s not playing football. He’s already written his bucket list and #42 is “Make it to Hollywood on American Idol.” He has a good look which will help him, and his voice is marginal with an awkward falsetto. He tells Randy it’s not the way he normally sings, but it’s one of the tricks up his sleeve. Kara thinks he’s cocky grabbing his pecks, and Simon thinks he could become annoying. Posh got itchy from the arrogance. Austin gets noes across the board and tells Ryan he’s shocked. He got benched.

Kenny Everett, 24, a college Student, Durham, SC, claims to be the world’s best singer. and considers himself the male Mary J. Blige. Whenever they make comparisons like that to another known singer, it’s not good. He sings in the park and feels it’s a public service, bringing people togther. Mary J. Blige is somewhere right now really insulted. He honestly thinks he’s good, though, and that’s the scary thing. Kara thought it sounded gutsy, but Simon thought it sounded like he was being punched. He gets four noes and is astonished and stats singing again. Simon tells Kenny to leave, and he starts singing a song that says Go repeatedly, which is hugely ironic. He wants to know what’s up with four people telling you you can’t sing when you know you can. I’ll just leave that one alone.

The bad audtion montage includes a woman who Simon says sounds like cats are eing killed, a ba falsetto, a bad A Little Less Converstaion, a guy who does a Michael Jackosn-esque performance, and a guy who thinks he can scat, butsounds at one point more like he’s gargling.

Nicci Nix, 22, a musican/singer, Florence, Italy, has a really baby girl voice, which could go either good or bad. She’s traveled from Venice to Frankfort, Germany, to American Idol. She didn’t know groiwng up that she’d end up singing, but did realize at a certain point it was the only thing she wanted to do. Simon is impressed that she flew fourteen hours for this. Simon tells Victoria to ask Nicci if she has drunk any helium today, and when she refuses, he tells Nicci Victoria wantst to know if she’s eaten any helium.

Singing Something Kinda Ooh, the voice is a little deeper when she sings, but her phrasing is awful. Simon thinks the lyric is one of the most meaningful written and points out she sings deeper than than she talks, and she says she’s been told that. Posh likes her attitude, thought the song fitted her voice, and likes her look with the beautiful skin. Nicci gets four yeses and is through.

Haeley Vaughn, 16, Fort Collins, CO, (not to be confused with the All My Children character) was born June 5, 1993, two months premature and weighing only a few pounds, not able to breathe on her own and was on a heart monitor, making her feel lucky to be here. When she was 10 her dad passed away. He’d always sing to her, and she thinks she got a little of her voice from him. Her mom is excited she’s here, and she says her family is going through a lot, so if she can be the first black pop country/kind of mainstream singer, it would change her life.

I think Haeley has an intresting sound. Simon calls her a cute little thing and points out the slight lisp when she sings. He likes that she didn’t come in singing Mary J. Blige, and that makes her stand out. She’s infections, Posh thinks she’s bubbly and she likes the way she dresses. Kara likes that there aren’t a lot of black pop country singers, and Randy warns her not to sound too much like Carrie Underood and others. Kara also warns her that she was singing a little too high in her register. Haeley mentions that her sister loves Simon, and he tells her to bring her in, so she brings in her mom and her sister. Randy suggests she bring in people from the mall if she wants. Regardless, Haeley gets four yeses and the Vaughn family celebrates.

Ty Hemmerling, 25, a bikini model, Denver, comes in like Bikini Boy, dressed like Bikini Girl from last year. He starts singing Achey Breaky Heart, and the judges all just up and leave which he calls rude. He wants it confirmed they’re cming back and is caught scratching his ass while he waits. He waits, but they’re not coming back.

The folks tonight weren’t overly impressive. They were marginal. Absolutely no one wowed me. I’m so ready for Hollywood. Finally, it’s our last audition episode before Hollywood. It’s the best of the rest episode. Some of the best have come from the best of the rest episodes. This is where we met Norman Gentle. The year before we met Chickezie Eze, and the year before that, Gina Glocksen and Lakisha Jones. We’re bound to see a few gems tomorrow night as well.

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