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Project Runway 7, Jan. 28 – Signature Looks … and Mistakes

Heidi calls Janeane and Ben, Emilio and Anna, and Jesus and Amy. She congratulates them for making it to the next round and tells them they are safe. The other four teams have the highest and the lowest scores between them. Anthony and Ping’s teams are the lowest scorers and are sent to wait while the judges talk to Teams Mila and Jay.

The judges start with Team Jay. Jay boldly tells the judges that the immunity didn’t mean anything to him. Maya tells them she wanted to make a dramatic look. She seems to be taking most of the credit for the signature look – and Jay doesn’t argue with her. Matthew calls it “striking” and Nina likes the bare side. The judges are especially impressed by Team Jay’s look for less, as it only cost $46 – and still looked better than Janeane and Ben’s original. Michael goes so far as to say it blows the original out of the water, thanks to its superior details.

Mila tells the judges she wanted a fun and elegant look. Heidi loves the suit. Matthew sees sportswear inspiration in it, as do Michael and Nina, who both love it. Michael’s also happy to see separates. The judges aren’t as impressed by the look for less piece, and Jonathan confesses that he had misgivings about it. Michael reminds him that he should listen to his instincts.

Ping tells the judges that she was trying to design something “timeless” – and it does look as if she had been trying to make a toga. Nina thinks the signature piece just looks like a bunch of fabric wrapped around the model. Michael comments that the signature piece looked as if the model were wearing lingerie while Ping draped stuff on her – and then a bell rang and Ping ran off. The judges also note the model must stand like a statue while wearing the fabric. Ping had designed the top of the look for less, while Jesse did the skirt. Michael scoffs that nobody designed anything in the ill-fitting blah dress. Jesse says he had to give Ping sewing lessons, and Megan the model adds that Ping never truly fit her.

Anthony had loved the Dior piece at the museum, so he based his dress on that. Michael jeers that he’s “at the cotillion party from hell.” Anthony asks the judges how they would have made the dress more modern. Matthew scolds him, saying that the judges can’t design a dress for him; Anthony must create his own visions. Anthony and Seth Aaron both confess that their look for less was an afterthought. It was supposed to be a “simplification” of Jesus and Amy’s signature piece. Nina thinks both looks are very ugly and old-fashioned. Seth Aaron admits he relinquished too much control, because Anthony was the leader, but he stands behind both looks now.

The judges then dismiss everybody to have their chat. They all liked Jay and Maya’s look for less, which they deem chic. Matthew believes women would want to wear it.
Mila’s coat stole the show: Michael finds it exciting, while Matthew thinks it’s unique. It was also made beautifully. Nina’s happy that Mila didn’t make a dress.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Ping and Jesse’s signature look was confusing and labored, while their look for less was under-designed. Anthony and Seth Aaron’s pieces were too literal and costume-y. Matthew thinks their signature look should be sent to a museum.

Heidi announces the judges’ decision. Jonathan is in. Mila is the winner. Jay and Maya are in. Anthony and Seth Aaron went too far backward. Ping and Jesse worked too much on the signature and too little on the look for less. Seth Aaron and Jesse are both safe, leaving Anthony and Ping in the bottom two. Anthony is win, so Ping is out.

Wow. Three women in three weeks. Could we be on our way to the first all-male finals in Project Runway? Maybe, but I wouldn’t count out the women just yet. Amy, Maya, and Mila have made the top three, and Mila has actually won, while Jesus and Anthony have both been in the bottom three twice. I think we’ve simply seen the weakest female contenders get the boot first; soon, it will be a guy’s turn. Funny as Anthony is, he does seem like one of the weaker contenders right now, so he could go in the near future. Ditto Jesus, who is far less entertaining.

Next week: The designers meet an “inspiring group of women.” Michael describes one look as “shiny, tight, short, and tacky.”

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