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Project Runway 7, Jan. 28 – Signature Looks … and Mistakes

The designers have twenty minutes to sketch and plan their new designs. After that, the team leaders will shop at Mood. They have twenty minutes and fifty dollars to spend there. Jesse is nervous about this, as he’s afraid Ping will bring back something horrible. Jesus decides to make a pair of draped pants in homage to Ping’s love of draping. Emilio decides to make an asymmetrical dress that’s got the same color scheme as Jay and Maya’s piece. Seth Aaron can only think of a peach and lace “old lady” design for his team’s second look. Uh-oh, Seth. Didn’t you get the memo? “Matronly” is not a good look! Mila wants to make a cocktail dress.

While shopping, Janeane finds some cotton, which she thinks is perfect for the second look. Ping confirms Jesse’s fears by bringing back some fabric that he describes as “hooker fabric,” some shiny, spangly black stuff. Since he’s immune, Jay isn’t feeling the pressure, and Maya doesn’t like that he’s not working as hard as usual. Mila is working on her coat, and Jonathan is annoyed because he feels like he’s doing everything else.

The models come in for their fitting. Ping complains the Jesse doesn’t take her seriously. Emilio is getting annoyed by Ping and Jesse’s squabbling. He compares them to Lucy and Ricky and wishes they would shut up and work.

Tim Gunn comes in to make his rounds. He starts with Jay and Maya, who both look stressed. They want to put sleeves on their second look, but aren’t sure if there’s time. If there isn’t, they will leave it as a vest. Tim reminds them that simple is best. He stops by Ping and Jesse’s table and is shocked by Ping’s fabric for the second look. He agrees with Jesse that it looks cheap. Anthony and Seth Aaron have a truly couture dress, since it’s mostly hand-sewn, but they can’t agree on how to handle the look for less. Tim really likes Mila and Jonathan’s pieces. He thinks the coat is beautiful and can plainly see the inspiration for the look for less.

On the day of the runway, Jonathan is worried about Mila’s time management skills, as she’s been so focused on that coat. Emilio likes the idea behind Anthony and Seth Aaron’s work, but thinks the execution is hideous. He believes Anthony has spent too much time decorating and not enough time properly constructing his garment. Maya is frustrated with Jay’s resting on his immunity. Jonathan thinks Mila will sell him out on the runway if things go wrong – but says he’s prepared to do the same thing.

Tim comes in and sends in the models. The designers have an hour to get them ready. Ben is worried about Jesse and Ping, as they’ve been bickering constantly. Worse, their look for less doesn’t resemble Emilio’s signature look at all. Jesus is confident in his team’s looks and believes he can’t be in the bottom two again. Ping loves her signature look, while the worried Jesse confides that “safe” would be a victory for him.

The guest judge is the British designer Matthew Williamson. The signature looks will be shown first, and the looks for less will be shown second. First up is Anthony and Seth Aaron’s piece, which is a voluminous black skirt with a sleeveless yellow top. Jesus and Amy send down a black dress that has translucent parts and giant fanned-out shoulders. Mila and Jonathan made a three-piece outfit consisting of a stunning black and white coat, a black top, and black pants with white racing stripes on them. The pants are plainly supposed to go with the coat. Janeane and Ben send down a black dress topped with a black vest.

Emilio and Anna made a brown dress with a matching jacket. Jay and Maya send down a black dress decorated with a gold shoulder piece that extends down the length of the dress in the form of gold and black ruffles. The last signature piece is Ping and Jesse’s outfit, which consists of a lacy black shirt and a “dress” that’s nothing more than yards of fabric wound around and over the model. It almost looks like something you’d wear to a toga party.

Now for the “looks for less.” Jesus and Amy send down a black tank and grey harem pants inspired by Ping and Jesse’s piece. Anthony and Seth Aaron made a black top and a long tan skirt overlaid with a lacy black pattern inspired by Jesus and Amy. Mila and Jonathan send down a gold top and a feathered black babydoll patterned after Anthony and Seth Aaron’s piece.

Janeane and Ben send down a black skirt topped with a tan and black jacket inspired by Mila and Jonathan. Emilio and Anna crafted a striped, one-shoulder shirt with a matching short skirt and a pair of gold belts. It’s inspired by Jay and Maya’s work. Jay and Maya send down a black dress and a black vest inspired Janeane and Ben’s ensemble. Finally, Ping and Jesse made a grey top and black skirt inspired by Emilio and Anna.