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Project Runway 7, Jan. 28 – Signature Looks … and Mistakes

Last week on Project Runway, the designers faced the usual “unconventional materials” challenge, as they had to make a party dress out of a burlap potato sack. Jay won and Pamela was sent home.

The next morning one of the other guys taunts Jesus by asking him if he plans on winning by being in the bottom two the whole time. Jesse thinks Ping should have been sent home last night.

On the runway, Heidi Klum tells the contestants they will be meeting some “iconic designers.” She sends the designers to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they meet Tim. He is surrounded by ten dresses, each made by a top designer.

The designers have to make a signature piece reminiscent of the iconic looks. They will also be in teams of two and will have a budget of $500, the largest in the show’s history. As Jay won last week, he will be one of the team leaders. The other team leaders are Jesus, Anthony, Janeane, Mila, Ping, and Emilio. Jay is given first pick of partners and he chooses Maya. Jesus picks Amy, Anthony takes Seth Aaron, Janeane chooses Ben, Mila takes Jonathan, and Ping picks Jesse, to his extreme displeasure. Emilio is left with Anna.

The designers examine the couture dresses, which were made by people like Yves St. Laurent and Christian Dior. Jesse finds a dress by Cristobal Balenciaga especially inspiring.

The designers go back to Parson’s and sketch. Ping hopes to combine her flowing style with Jesse’s precision, while Anthony and Seth Aaron plan a black jacket with a “yellow surprise.” Janeane and Ben sketch out a two-piece outfit. Maya confesses she wanted to be a leader, because if she and Jay are in the bottom, she’ll be the one sent home since he has immunity.

It’s off to Mood to shop for forty-five minutes. Jesus and Amy search for fabric for a vest, while Jesse and Ping bicker about construction plans. Mila wants to make a look that has a nod to the 60’s but is still fashion-forward. Everybody is done except Ping and Jesse, as Ping has managed to lose her sketchbook. Fortunately, Jesse finds it.

Back to work. Anna confesses to finding Emilio intimidating, as he’s already established as a bold designer. He’s also roughly twenty years her senior, and she’s much newer to the fashion scene. Jonathan comments that Mila is much more meticulous than he is, so she does more planning, while he does more executing. Maya doesn’t want a Miss America sash on Jay’s dress. Ping is finding it hard to work with Jesse, since she doesn’t play by the rules and he strikes her as insecure. Jesse finds Ping indecisive and talks about having to “rein in the crazy.” Whenever a team has trouble getting along in this type of challenge, they either pull together and do very well, or they end up in the bottom.

While Ping and Jesse bicker, Mila and Jonathan, who are working well together, are crafting a coat, a top, and a pair of pants. Anthony and Seth Aaron are making a red, yellow, and black gown that Anthony jokingly calls “a gown for the vice-president of McDonald’s.” Funny, but I doubt that’s a look he should be shooting for.

On the second day, Tim calls everybody for a gather-round– and lowers the boom. The designers will have to make a second look. Quelle surprise. Designers often have to make more than one look in a team challenge. The second piece will be a “look for less,” an outfit inspired by a signature piece but far less expensive. Each team will base their second look on another team’s signature piece. Ping and Jesse get first pick and choose Emilio and Anna’s signature work. Janeane and Ben pick Mila and Jonathan; Jay and Maya take Janeane and Ben. Mila and Jonathan decide to copy Anthony and Seth Aaron, who decide to copy Jesus and Amy. Jesus and Amy then pick Ping and Jesse, saying they want the opportunity to make draped clothing. Emilio and Anna end up copying Jay and Maya.