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American Idol 9, Jan. 27 – Lady Marmalade Is Back!

Singing Through Your Mind, Erica has a high singing voice, but still sounds good. After, she says the goal is to show that Barney kids grow up, and Neil finishes the sentence, “to be dirty little girls.” She explains her role model is Janet Jackson. Simon likes people that make an impression, and she’s gone from the kid thing to this. Kara likes people that do their own thing. With four yeses, she’s through.Barney should be proud.

Dave Pittman, 27, in lawn care, Mountain Home, AR, was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was 9. That’s the disease that affects the nervous syndrome, but we know it more as the disease that make people swear uncontrollably. It doesn’t affect him when he’s singing. He used to see it as a curse, but he now sees it as a blessing. He sings Bring It On Home to Me, and he does have a few facial ticks as he sings, but they are lessened. Neil tells him his voice is great and he has a cool look, and Randy thinks it’s a tough song to sing, but that he did it nicely As the tics increase, Simon thinks people will like Dave. He gets four yeses and is through.

At the start of day two, Joe Jonas replaces Neil, and says Dallas is actually his and his brothers’ hometown. Randy oddly announces he’s now unofficially a member of the Jonas Brothers. Maybe he’s just after the young chicks.

Todrick Hall, 24, an actor/playwright, Arlington, TX, was with Fantasia in The Color Purple. He sings a special song he wrote just for them, and it’s about getting your fifteen seconds of fame, and even asks Randy in the lyric to be a Dawg, and mentions Simon looking unimpressed. Kara the songwriter really liked it, and Randy thinks he’s one of the best this season, while Joe thinks he has star power for sure. Simon thinks he’s a nice guy, good singer, cute, but voicewise he’s not jumping out of his chair. Randy’s jumping though, and Todricks still walks out with four yeses, then launches into back flips. Apparently he can do his own jumping and doesn’t need Simon.

Dawntoya Thomason, 27, a mother, Dallas, gets four yeses as well, as do a string of others, including Stephanie Daulong, 20, a bartender/songwriter, Austin, who has a little of a hippie look going on with her hair.

Maegan Wright, 20, a cosmetologist, Richardson, TX, isn’t facing the auditions alone. With her parents divorced and remarried, she has her little brother at the auditions with her. He’s glad he has her as it would be boring without her, and he thinks he could give her a big old hug and never stop if she makes it. He thinks America will like her. Singing To Make You Feel My Love, it’s a song that sung the right way brings out a lot of emotion, and she does admirably with it, but isn’t anything to remember. Kara thought she was going to be a joke when she walked in, but found a great beautiful voice from her, Simon disagrees about the outfit, thinking she’s not trying too hard, and likes her. Randy loves her, and she has four yeses, as Kara admits it’s her favorite of the day. Shows what I know.

Vanessa Johnston, 22, a substitute teacher, Waxahachie, TX, is the next American Idol. She’s super optimistic, admittedly, and looks for the positive in everything. She hopes it comes through the TV with everyone wanting to be like her all the time. She walks in in tight hot pink capri length leggings, shorts over that, a flashy top, hot pink arm bands and a pink flower in her hair. The look is terrible.

Singing At Last, Vanessa changes the melody too much, or maybe she just can’t carry a tune. Joe is openly laughing at the table. Simon stops her, and Kara talks about the Britney thing she was doing with her head. Randy mentions how the notes were over here, back there, and maybe over here. If anyone ever asks Simon what his nightmares look and sound like, he’s going to refer back to this. She asks if she should sing another song, and gets four noes, but is happy to know she’ll be remembered. She’s just glad Simon admits to dreaming about her.

The last contestant of the day, Christian Spear, 16, Houston, TX, was diagnosed with leukemia on her fourth birthday. Being so young you don’t really understand what’s going on. Her mom’s fist thought then was that she was going to lose her. When she was 8, a blessing came through as she was in remission. Her mom always told her she’d work through the rest of her life to keep her happy. Christian sings All I Can Do Is Cry, and this is my favorite of Dallas. She’s sweet and simple. Randy thinks she’s very good at 16 and is impressed, while Joe notes her confidence and beautiful voice. Kara saw a natural gift and didn’t sense fear. Simon thinks she’s incredibly brave and he likes her a lot. With four yeses, she’s in.

Next week we head to Denver, Colorado, and from the glimpse we see, it looks like Posh Spice is back. I’d prefer to see Neil back, as he was my favorite guest judge so far, but that’s okay. Again, the auditioners we saw weren’t overly exciting, but there are some really warm stories out there, and we know they usually hold out on us at this point anyway. Even the bad auditioners weren’t overly bad. That means we’re at a point in the auditions where we need to stop and just get on with it to Hollywood.

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