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Amazing Race 16 Preview – Big Brother Duo, Miss Teen USA, and a 3rd Base Coach!

Team #8. Married – Joe and Heidi
Married Asian team, he speaks Mandarin and probably hopes for a similar Race path as the one which propelled Tammy and Victor to their, um, victory. I got a ho-hum feeling from their bios, but perhaps they will be a lot more fun to watch on screen than on paper.
– His biggest achievement is his family, and he wants to one day travel around the world. Well, you’ve come to the right place, Joe. He would switch with is son, who has unlimited potential. His favorite place to visit was Fiji, home of the worst season of Survivor ever. He thinks Heidi cannot multi-task.
Heidi – She would switch with her daughter, Herason. Ok, people, please stop with the names. She wants to run marathons too, and have a better golf game. In high school, she was voted Senior Class President, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize and Most Likely to Total Their Car. So she has that going for her.

Team #9. Brothers – Daniel and Jordan
Great, another Jordan. One of them is getting a nickname. I sense Sam and Dan again, but maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll be more Chris and Alex. Having two intense Boston sports fans gives me pause as a Yankee fan, but I did like Boston Rob, so anything is possible. In an ironic addition to the religious themes from earlier teams this season, their last name is Pious.
– Thinks Jordan is too intense. His big achievement was being at the Winter Classic when the Bruins won in overtime. For those who don’t know, that is a regular season hockey game played outdoors in a baseball stadium. Aim high, Daniel, reach for the stars. He wants to work with a major Boston sports team and make his kids huge Boston sports fans. Sigh. I hope he winds up working for whatever lacrosse team is in Boston and his children grow up to root for the Yankees, Lakers, Canadians and Jets. He would switch places with Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, and I hope he does. Guess what? His favorite place to visit is Fenway Park. Stunning. His big Race challenge is to not “rub teams the wrong way” and find food he likes. Lovely.
Jordan – His pet peeve about Daniel is his dislike of travel. Oh boy. He likes to dance to his own beat and wants to meet Tom Brady someday. Ugh. He once weighed 200 pounds and was only 5’ 1”. That’s my weight and a foot shorter – good for you, Jordan. He is 22 and is a “strategic consultant” and I ask anyone out there to explain to me what that means.

Team #10. Detectives – Louie and Michael
Really. Detectives. Even better … UNDERCOVER detectives. Well, perhaps we should make that former undercover detectives. I like the creativity with this team. We can assume that if there is a stealth task, they would rock it.
– Wants to write a book and raise his kids right. Another Boston sports fan. Sigh. That’s it from Michael, I guess he’s deep undercover now.
Louie – Thinks Michael is a control freak, one would guess for something other than fierce control of information about himself. He is a former cop and idolizes his dad. He also wants to teach his kids well and would like to prove something to his kids on the race.

Team #11. Moms/Attorneys – Monique and Shawne
Continuing a trend this season towards older teams, these lawyer moms are just about 40 as well. I have a good feeling about them and hope to see some combination of the NFL Wives/Bowling Moms/and Season 1 lawyers. That would be a great team.
– From West Orange, home of a delicious seafood buffet that my parents love, and the site of one of my best friends’ wedding. She cites Suze Orman and Tina Turner as role models – two women who may have the most opposite fashion tastes. She wants to both empower women and buy her husband a membership in a golf club. She is a woman of opposites!
Shawne – From Bowie, Md – right around the corner from me! She too has some God qualities, as I begin to shiver from fear of a season full of Brandon and Nicoles. She would switch places with Michelle Obama. Good choice. And sees Marian Wright Edelman, champion of children’s rights, as a role model. Great one!

So, now for the fearless predictions – based of course in no fact other than what I just read. As we have seen before, you never know on these shows. From first eliminated down to the winner …

11 – Joe/Heidi
10 – Dana/Adrian
9 – Louie/Michael
8 – Carol/Brandy
7 – Monique/Shawne
6 – Steve/Allie
5 – Jeff/Jordan
4 – Jody/Shannon
3 – Daniel/Jordan
2 – Jet/Cord
1 – Brent/Caite

It just seems inevitable that Miss South Carolina, who had trouble understanding the nature of the world, would manage to win a worldwide race.

Anyway, despite my early misgivings with the casting this season, let’s get this race started!!

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