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Amazing Race 16 Preview – Big Brother Duo, Miss Teen USA, and a 3rd Base Coach!

Team #4. Dating – Carol and Brandy
This year’s lesbian couple. Hopefully they will do much better than Kate/Pat from AR12. This could be a feel-good team should they advance, but this could also be an early exit team (older, all-female) if AR history tells us anything. Personally, I would like to see them hang around for a while.
– Says her teammate is a biter. I am trying to come up with an answer to that which is PG-rated. Failing. Her big achievements are coming out and starting her own company – one would assume those happened at separate times, or else that would have been a busy day. She would switch places with Diana Krall – presumably not to be married to Elvis Costello. She is passionate about her dog, equal rights, mountains and the ocean. I would hope not in that order.
Brandy – We have our first actress (not counting Miss South Carolina yet). She thinks her teammate is too structured, which I think would be a good thing on TAR. She calls herself “an accomplished, independent, talented, creative and kind woman” and calling yourself that often bothers me. She wants to do many things, including learning the tango and helping kids. I would love to see her combine those things. She says people would be surprised to learn she is bisexual. Maybe she should switch with Diana Krall.

Team #5. High School Sweethearts/Married – Dana and Adrian
First of all, much respect for anyone who can stay together from teenage years until their 40s and not kill each other. I can only imagine the carnage if my high school sweetheart and I had stayed together, consider how much of a moron I was in my teens. Anyway, this team has some past successful 40-something couples to draw from (Chip/Kim, Teri/Ian, Ken/Tina). Again there seems to be a lot more religion than I would like to see, but we’ll see.
– Thinks his wife has a double standard on household items. I have no idea what that means. He loves Texas Hold’em – he is one season too late with that passion. His hero is Tom Hicks, the former owner of the Texas Rangers. Um, for giving A-Rod a gazillion dollars? For not winning a playoff series? For never having any pitching to properly compete?
Dana – Her pet peeve about her husband are his “obnoxious burps” That should be classy. Her story is interesting – masters degree with three kids under six (wow!), owning a company and buying a home at age 22, a history of overcoming abuse (there’s a story there somewhere). She would switch places with Oprah. Hell, I would switch places with Oprah.

Team #6. Brothers/Cowboys – Jet and Cord
Seriously? Brothers and Cowboys? This is instantly one of my favorite “team names,” up there with Models/Recovering Addicts. Sadly, two more people shacked with regular nouns as first names. People of America – stop looking around the room to come up with names for your kids. Or maps. Or the fridge.
– This professional bull rider thinks his teammate voices his opinion too much. Oh, the humanity! He wants to get married and have a lot of babies – which would certainly gain him massive notoriety, although unsure if he in fact has a uterus. He is passionate about his beliefs. Uh oh. He has no TV or radio in his house, which makes it interesting to find out how he even learned about the show.
Jet– He thinks his brother lacks punctuality. Damn him and his opinions. His big achievement is getting on TAR, and thus we learn how his brother knows about the show. Cord is his hero. Aw. The Oklahoma native’s favorite place to visit is Texas. Again, a big warning sign for international travel, although Texas was once its own country.

Team #7. Grandmother/Granddaughter – Jody and Shannon
Before you write this team off, I present to you AR12’s Nicholas and Donald. Considering Grandma Jody is a personal trainer and lists as her favorite hobby “triathalons,” it would be folly to write them off at all. According to her bio she is the oldest Racer ever. That in of itself makes them a potential fan favorite
– Her pet peeve of her granddaughter is her revealing clothing choices. So nothing out of the ordinary there. She wants to finish a half-ironman triathalon, and a full marathon, andwants to publish ANOTHER book. She also wants to climb MORE Colorado mountains and walk the Appalachian Trail. Oh, and go “trekking in Norway,” and bicycle through the Netherlands. Um, I recently labeled all of my family’s photos. Sigh. She wants to develop a TV show featuring elderly athletes. I can see the casting now – New on CBS! Jane Seymour, Goldie Hawn, and Christopher Walken star as sisters and an ex-husband to both who open a fitness club for seniors with a teenage runaway played by Hayden Panetierre. It’s called Golden Girls Gym, this fall following Two and a Half Men. Oh, Jody can play her self too, as she also did stand-up comedy in the past.
Shannon – Besides being massively overshadowed by her grandma, she thinks Jody can be a bit uptight and gets carried away. She is also a marathon runner and wants to join Doctors Without Borders. Obviously, she looks up to her grandma (and her mom and great-grandma too!). She wants to backpack through Southeast Asia and once lived in Saudi Arabia when she was a kid.

Instantly my favorite team