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Amazing Race 16 Preview – Big Brother Duo, Miss Teen USA, and a 3rd Base Coach!

Remember that there was a time in the past when we were unsure from year to year if there would even be an Amazing Race? And here we are about to begin the 16th edition. As fans we basically had to make a few concessions in return for the show’s longevity – less Fast Forwards, product placement, the cheaper Family Edition, and stunt casting.

Since Season 4 we have had former Survivors., a Miss America, and other pageant queens, had Harlem Globetrotters, an ex-NFL player, professional cheerleaders, had and a former Big Brother contestant. We get some de ja vu this season – with TWO Big Brother contestants, another pageant queen – this one with a viral video in her past, and the third base coach for the Cleveland Indians.

Personally, I don’t care. They could cast Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco as a team. Or Scott and Ayla Brown. I don’t care – I’ve seen 16 Amazing Races, and hopefully many, many more to come. So here are some interesting little tidbits about each team as seen on their bios on the Race website, starting with the three stunt casts.

Team #1. Dating Models – Brent and Caite
Caite is former Miss Teen USA South Carolina Caitlin Upton. You may know her from such YouTube videos such as this one. I must say that this is inspired stunt casting – she has notoriety, so folks will be interested in watching her race. She is a beauty queen, so the eye candy thing comes along as well. Dating models have done well before – see Freddy and Kendra. This could be a team to watch.
– Thinks his partner can’t take criticism (I beg to differ – she endured worldwide ridicule). Thinks his faith is an achievement (sigh – another Brandon?). Wants to solve JFK’s murder – I’ll alert Oliver Stone. Is a 28-year-old dating a woman who can’t even drink legally worth my time?
Caite – Other than the obvious, of course. Says her partner picks his nose with tissues and throws it in the toilet without flushing. Ew. And thanks for sharing. Her big achievement is enduring public mocking. Her hero is Johnny Unitas. Really. She was born in (gulp) 1990 and he retired in 1970. The equivalent for me is saying that my sports hero was Joe DiMaggio. She calls herself an “amazing artist.” Perhaps she should compete on the Amazing Art Contest instead.

Team #2. Newly Dating – Jeff and Jordan
This is the Big Brother team. I don’t watch that show, so I had to get the lowdown from LauraBelle. Jordan won her season of Big Brother, and I gathered that she either put on a great show of being dumb, or is in fact a living version of Forrest Gump. That season was divided by high school cliques – she was a “popular” and he was a “jock.” Lovely. Reading the recaps, my favorite bit is that Jordan didn’t understand what “a quarter to” in time measurement meant. Should make for interesting discussions at the airport.
– Says his teammate doesn’t think sometimes. He would like to switch places with a Heisman Trophy winner, one would hope he >a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oj_simpson”>doesn’t mean this one. He would travel if he won the million … of course, he would have just travelled to win the million, but that’s ok.
Jordan – Says Jeff gets irritated easily, one would presume due to her not thinking. Her biggest achievements are winning Big Brother and graduating high school. Something about that bothers me. She would switch places with Carrie Underwood. Somewhere Bo Bice just shed a tear. Her favorite place to visit was actually in her home state – not a good sign for an upcoming international race.

Team #3. Father/Daughter – Steve/Allie
Steve is the current third base coach for the Cleveland Indians, and served on Charlie Manuel’s coaching staff of the 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies. For those not well-versed in baseball terminology, the third base coach stands to the side of third base and gives signs to the batter to tell him whether to bunt or hit away. He also gives the runner of first the signs on if he should steal. He also tells runners whether or not they should try to score, or stay at third. It is an important job. How it translates to TAR? No idea, although he will be very skilled at giving secret messages to his teammate if need be.
– Thinks his daughter is talented, but lacks confidence. He would switch places with his son, who is “living the good life” in college. I remember the good life in college – beer, staying up late, college-aged women. I see his point. It took him 20 years in baseball to reach the majors, so he has a great work ethic and a lot of patience. He is looking forward to creating memories with his daughter. Aw.
Allie – Thinks dad is always late and likes to embarrass her. I’m sure a reality show would help with that. She would switch places with Phil. Good choice. There is a disturbing level of piety on this team, which scares the atheist in me. She has fond memories of Malibu, which one hopes is related to her degree from Pepperdine. She plans on having the AR theme during the dad-daughter dance at her wedding. Nice!