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Project Runway 7, Jan. 21 – Making a Party Dress Out of a Potato Sack

The models leave and the designers get back to work. Jonathan notes that the people who dyed their sacks are really feeling the time crunch. This is especially true of Jay, whose fabric came out navy blue, which isn’t the shade of blue he wanted. He doesn’t have enough time to dye it another color, either, as it’s already midnight. He’ll have only a few hours the following morning to come up with a non-losing design.

On the day of the show, the designers primp before going to the workroom. There, Pamela still has to finish her hem and clotures; she doesn’t want to be one of those people who sew their client into the dress. Tim sends in the models for hair, make-up, and finishing touches and advises people to use the accessories from the Bluefly.com wall. Ben thinks his model likes his look, and Amy comments that about half the designers will have to sew people into their dresses. Jonathan is confused by Ping’s look, which doesn’t cover the model’s butt at all. He’s even more confused to see Ping smiling.

On the runway, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are joined by guest judge Lauren Hutton, who is a model and an actress. Anthony’s model, Alexis, goes first. She’s wearing a sleeveless red dress. Next up is Ping’s model, who is sporting a very short beige minidress with brown trim. It gives the judges a nice view of the model’s behind, and Ping now realizes she’s in trouble.

Ben sends down an orange, one-shoulder minidress. Mila made a short, soft purple dress with horizontal silver lines that create a futuristic, metallic effect. Mila has designed it with a nightclub in mind. Anna sends down her print dress. Jesse made a vest and pants; they are beige with an orange trim. Seth Aaron made a skirt with a matching hoodie.

Amy made a billowing skirt with a dark brown, tighter top. Janeane sends down a brown dress with red trim. Jay sends down a navy blue outfit with aqua trim and a frilly, feathery bottom. Emilio made a form-fitting knee-length piece with vertical black and red stripes. Jesus sends down a burgundy tank top and green skirt. In the skirt, he uses ribbons to obscure the burlap.

Jonathan made a beige dress trimmed with black lace. Maya conjures up a dress with layers of gold, blue, and red. Pamela sends down a dress that is the color of faded denim and extremely tight. Worse, there’s a strung-together bit at the rear that emphasizes the model’s behind.

Heidi calls Pamela, Mila, Ping, Jesus, Amy, and Jay. She congratulates the other nine designers, telling them they are safe. The six she did call have the highest and lowest scores between them.

Jay is the first to have to face the judges. He tells them he likes to use patterns. Michael confesses he’d at first thought that Jay had cheated and used shredded organza to give the skirt its frilly look. He’s impressed, as is Lauren who thinks the burlap looks like a much more expensive fabric. Pamela tells the judges she wanted to make her burlap look like blue denim. Nina thinks the dress is too short and unsophisticated. Michael praises the dye job, but thinks the dress is unflattering. Heidi asks the model, Sarah, if she would be comfortable wearing the dress to an industry event, and Sarah hesitiates. Uh-oh.

Mila wanted to make a futuristic look out of something associated with the farm. Heidi loves the dress, but Michael doesn’t like the gaping, which exposes the model’s breasts. Heidi says she doesn’t mind a “little boobie here and there.” Nina calls the dress fantastic, since it does indeed “go from the farm to the future.” Ping was hoping that the color of the burlap would contrast with her model’s skin, but that didn’t happen. Michael comments that a party of a thousand people will notice the model – as her fanny is exposed. Ping claims to have misunderstood the directions; she thought the industry event was a “county fair potato party.” Heidi thinks Ping has an “edgy eye,” but isn’t sure that translates to fashion.

Heidi asks Jesus how much of his look is the original potato sack. Jesus answers that his shirt is wholly burlap, but that he’d layered ribbons over the burlap of the skirt. Heidi dislikes his having done so. Lauren tells Jesus that dresses should be like paintings and that his look is a confused assault on the eyes. Nina wants to see him make something cooler and younger. Amy explains that she and her model, Alison, wanted to keep the organic quality of the burlap, and that Alison had wanted an open back. Michael says that Amy made a flirty and fun dress, while Lauren believes that Amy had made a working dress material out of the burlap.

The judges then have their little chat. Heidi starts off by saying that she liked both this challenge and its results, as most of the designers did a great job of turning burlap into dress material. Jay’s transformation impressed Nina, and Lauren liked how he made the heavy burlap seem light. Michael thinks Mila made her burlap look “hot,” which is the last thing he would have expected. Nina saw how Miya and Lorena had colloborated on the dress. Michael thinks Amy was the only one to transform the burlap while still showing that it was burlap. Lauren especially liked the sarong sides.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Jesus had made a garment with an asymetrical butt, and Nina questions his color sense. Um, what about his missing the point of the challenge? Heidi wonders if Ping had really misunderstood the challenge or was looking for excuses. Michael just thinks she wasn’t listening and sent her model out with a bare butt. Lauren thinks Ping could have made something interesting, if she’d done the job properly. Michael questions Pamela’s creativity and notes that she’d made a model with a good body look bigger than she was. The judges agree she did a good job with her dye.

The judges call everybody back in and announce their decision. Amy is in and Jay is the winner. Mila and Ping are both in, leaving Pamela and Jesus in the bottom two. Pamela had made an unflattering dress, while Jesus had missed the point of the challenge and made a mundane and matronly look. Nonetheless, he’s in and Pamela’s out. I’m not happy with this particular decision, as this was Jesus’ second trip to the bottom and Pamela had at least shown she’s good at dying clothes. Jesus needs to either get his act together or go home.

Next week: This season’s first team challenge. The designers have to work in pairs.

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