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American Idol 9, Jan. 20 – Orlando's Got Talent

Okay, Chicago is my kind of town and all, after all I hail from there, But last night’s American Idol was really lacking. Let’s see what Orlando holds in store for us. It certainly couldn’t be any worse. Kristen Chenoweth is the guest judge tonight, joining Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Kara DioGuardi. Interesting choice for guest judge.

Ryan Seacrest asks Theo Glinton, 22, Cosmetologist, Fort Pierce, FL, if he’s ever thought of being a superhero, and I think it has something to do with his getup of coins taped to his face, glitter in his hair, feather glued to his head, and his poka-dotted scarf/cape. He explains that his gift is something you only get on particular days. You get just a piece on Monday, but when you microwave it on Tuesday, it’s still good. If he’s not the next American Idol, he knows he’ll be in the bottom three. Doesn’t he have to make the show first? He tells Simon if he wins, in ten years time, he sees himself running a corporate salon. He also wants to be a musical artist and fashion designer, so he thinks he’ll bob in and out.

Theo sings Heartbreaker and has rhythm, but the singing just misses. It’s not that bad, but it’s not great enough either. It’s like loud and with odd soul, with a deeper voice than you would expect. Randy tells him he has some power, and Kara confirms that he released a lot of stuff with that. Theo explains he’s been working hard, because he knows how Mr. Simon is. Yet Mr. Simon thinks Theo is on his way to a hairdressing career after screaming the song. Theo wants to sing a different song, but Simon doesn’t think anything else is going to help him. Kara thinks the tone of his voice is so over the top, although Theo notes it worked for Jennifer Hudson. He gets four noes, and Kara invites him up to the table for hugs and handshakes. Oddly, Ryan picks his coins off his face for him.

Kara and Kristen seem to be hitting it off really well, having a great time together and making a pact to get in as many women as possible. Simon doesn’t seem to like it too much, and I think he’s wishing for Paula back.

Seth Rollins, 28, an insurance adjuster, Lakeland, FL, is married with two kids and his son has been diagnosed with autism. He notes there are difficulties that come along with that diagnosis, including everyday things and things you don’t even notice. He realizes a lot of the marriages end in divorce. He wants to feel like he can fix things, but he can’t fix this. To be able to afford the best care would be such a blessing. How can you not like this guy? Seth’s son wants to go in with him and pitches a fit having to stay with his mom.

Singing Someone to Watch Over Me, Seth has just revived the show. Everyone’s smiling. He’s really good. I’m completely soothed and wowed at the same time. Kristen likes the fact that he sang a song from many years ago and made it his own, and she likes his voice. Kara wants to keep hearing him and says that’s the best compliment she can give someone. Simon liked that he knows who he is and thinks it’s a good choice of song. Randy just wants him to exude a little bit more. With four easy yeses, Seth is going to Hollywood.

Jermaine Purifoy, 24, telecommunications student, Cleveland, TN, originally auditioned for the show back in season 7. He was surprised he didn’t make it, and figured it just wasn’t his time, leading him to think he needed to try again. He sings some Tony Bennett, and I can’t believe he didn’t get through last time. Hes definitely good. He’s bright and sunny as well. Kristen likes his pure sound, saying it was so seamless. For Randy, it’s the best he’s heard this entire audition season. Kara notes that along with the great voice, he’s honest and believable. Simon thought it was a good choice of song, and he thinks the chicks will like Jermaine. Four easy yeses, and he’s in. He’s not usually a risk-taker, but now thinks maybe he should be.

Shelby Dressel, 18, a waitress, Avon Park, FL, is the last contestant of the day. When she was born one of her nerves was underdeveloped, so she was never able to smile correctly or use that side of her face. It leaves her a little uncomfortable to perform in front of people, yet when it comes to chasing your dreams, you have to put that to the side. She tells the judges everyone persuaded her to do this, so here she is.

Singing Norah Jones, I like Shelby just as much as Jermaine. She forgets her words, though, and swears, and completely cracks up the judges. Simon likes her, but isn’t blown away by her voice. Randy actually likes her voice and dug it that she was kind of afraid of them and they were kind of afraid of her. Kristen thinks she has good potential and has more growth to do at 18. Simon says yes with a small y, Kara and Kristen says yes, and Randy says three big letters, YES.


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