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American Idol 9, Jan. 19 – Where'd All the Talent Go?

More rejections follow. Brian Krause, 27, a substitute teacher, Pittsburgh, who was in Korea in the Army, says he used to sing for the troops, as they needed the morale. He would sing in uniform, though, and get in trouble. He tells Sgt. Hart, “Screw you,” saying he’ll be the next American Idol. With his promise of singing some Tiny Tim, I’m guessing it’s another high voice. More like cats caterwauling. It’s all complete with him tiptoeing on the floor. Simon wants him to swear on his mother’s life it wasn’t a joke, and he swears he’s been singing like this all his life. He refers to the judges as Mr. Jackson and Mr. Cowell, and they decide to leave it, telling him to tiptoe that way out the door. He wants to slip into a warm bubble bath and relax in his thoughts after his rejection. I don’t make this stuff up, People.

Harold Davis, 25, a construction worker, Chicago, says he has spirit and soul, everything he needs to be the greatest. He’s tired of eating microwave dinners. He wants to eat steak. He’s going to do things in there he didn’t know he could do and fight for the glory of being on American Idol. He figures he’ll shoot off like a rocket when he walks in to audition. The Champ is here. He’s going to sing Usher’s Nice and Slow. Well, he’s not the champ and possibly has spirit, yet not a lot of soul. He’s not going to be the greatest. Hearing noes, he blames it on his allergies, but is rejected nonetheless. He cries, hanging his head, on his way out, as Simon tells him, “Chin up.” Looks like Budget Gourmet for him tonight.

Way too many rejections follow, and finally John Park, 20, a college student, Northbrook, IL, walks in, saying he applied for voice programs in college, with his parents being against it, as they wanted him to have a job. He feels like this is his only way to express himself to people. Here’s something to jump up and down about, as this guy is good. There’s the soul I think the last guy was looking for. Shania admits to being surprised and says he has a beautiful bottom end, nice lips, and a good head. And people thought Paula was a little loopy? Kara agrees that she was surprised. She says yes, as do the others. Kara suggests there are going to be a lot of guys screaming out there when John gets through, and she’s right.

The last contestant up today is Paige Dechausse, 21, a college student, Morris, IL, who is auditioning with her family in tow, having gotten there in a limo. She had asthma a lot as a kid and was in the hospital a lot. She had anaphylactic shock when she was 15 after a really bad asthma attack. She was singing at the time and passed out. Her mom says the grief counselor at the hospital told them she only had a 30% chance of living, and if she did survive, she’d have brain damage. They brought her music in for her, knowing it was the only thing that would keep her going, and she’s still here.

Singing Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come, Paige has some great control. Simon thinks she was a little indulgent, and Randy thought she had some pitch problems in the beginning that got better towards the end. Simon votes no, Shania votes yes, although she’s not convinced, and Kara votes yes, seeing potential. It’s up to Randy, and the girls beg him to put Paige through. Simon pretends to bite his fingernails. Randy gives in, and she’s through. Outside with her family, Paige needs her inhaler.

Also getting through at the end of the day are Justin Ray, 20, unemployed, Marysville, IN, Keith Semple, 27, a musician, Hanover Park, IL, and Marcus Jones, 18, unemployed, Gary, IN. They were far from the best, but they each had something interesting about themselves. At this stage of the game, I think that’s what’s needed. To be different and interesting, and not imitating Tiny Tim. That’s what made Pants On the Ground so successful.

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