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Project Runway 7, Jan. 14 – Back to New York!

After the show, Heidi calls Amy, Anna, Ben, Janeane, Jay, Jesse, Jonathan, Maya, Mila, and Pamela. They are all safe, leaving the remaining six to face the judges. They start with Anthony, who tells the judges he wanted to create a different shape. Heidi loves the bottom, but not the top, while Michael opines that it looks like three different dresses sewn together. He adds that the model could steal a champagne bottle with the … bag. Nina doesn’t think that the fabric and silhouette go together, while Nicole notes the poor fit in the back. She still likes the overall idea, though.

Seth Aaron tells the judges his look is for somebody going to the MTV Tokyo awards. Nicole and Heidi both like it, and Nina loves the back. Michael proclaims it “commercial.” Ping says her look is just a fabric on a hanger. Nicole declares that she would wear it and can even imagine a whole fashion show built around it. Nina thinks it looks uncomfortable, while Michael states that it’s a good opening project that shows who Ping is.

Jesus tells the judges that his look is designed to show off a woman’s body. Heidi doesn’t know how fashionable it really is, while Michael sneers that it looks like a crocodile trunk exploded on an evening gown. He also thinks it’s unwieldy. Heidi noticed the unflattering seam immediately and correctly deduced what Jesus had done. Nina compares the dress to a Hershey’s chocolate bar, while Nicole sees potential in the dress, but with a bit more thought.

Christiane likes lots of layers to complement a woman’s body. Nina likes the draping, but not the fabrics chosen. She also notices the unfinished hem. Michael wishes the draping had looked like there was a separate scarf, but it just looks like there’s a shortage of fabric stuck into the seam.

Emilio wanted to make a youthful cocktail dress that showed off his technical skills. Michael calls the dress deceptively simple and says that he’d needed to take a second look to truly realize how much work went into it. Nina also appreciates the technical work, while Nicole just loves it.

The judges then deliberate and start with the three they didn’t like. Nina repleats her complaint about Anthony’s choice of fabric and silhouette, and Michael concurs. The judges deem Christiane’s look unsophisticated and poorly constructed. (Bye-bye, Christiane. Construction problems tend to sink people in the early going, as the judges rightly expect people to at least know the basics.) Nicole kind of likes Jesus’ dress, but Michael snarks that it smacks of cliches of glamour from Las Vegas … in the 1970’s. Ouch.

On to the three they did like. Seth Aaron’s dress was youthful, and he was one of the few designers to give his model a head-to-toe look, through superior use of hair and make-up. Emilio’s dress was fun and flirty, and he’d made a smart choice in his fabrics. Ping was unusual, to say the least, but she had showed who she is. Nicole liked her look the best.

The judges then announce their decisions. Ping is in, while Emilio is the winner. Seth Aaron and Anthony are both in, leaving Jesus and Christiane in the bottom two. The judges scold Christiane for her poor construction and fabric choice, and Jesus for using “the wrong fabric for the wrong garment.” In the end, Christiane is sent home. (Told you.)

Over the next few episodes, the designers go to a farm, screw up a challenge, and make an outfit that makes the model look bigger.

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