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Project Runway 7, Jan. 14 – Back to New York!

Time proves to be an immediate problem for the designers. The models come in for their consultations– and Jay isn’t even halfway through, while Jesus discovers his model is 5’11”, which means he he needs to make his dress longer. He plans to make a long mermaid-style evening gown with a long train. If the result looks anything like Divine’s get-up in Pink Flamingos, he’s going home.

Afterwards, Tim makes his usual rounds and starts with Christiane. She is worried about not being out there enough with her look. He advises her to finish impeccably. Tim wonders if Ping is cold because she’s all bundled up in a giant plaid shawl. Actually, she’s wearing her own dress’ fabric, and that fabric is her look. Ping says she would only sell to her customers what she would wear herself. Hmmm, that could be taken in a number of ways, the most benign being that as she wouldn’t wear anything shoddy, she wouldn’t try selling shoddy clothes to her customers. Unfortunately, it could also mean that she expects everybody to share her sensibilities and thus only designs things she’d like. In any case, it seems Ping is this season’s kook.

Seth Aaron has made a brown and pink plaid party dress with a big red zipper on it. Seth Aaron likes zippers. Tim wonders if it looks too cartoonish, and Seth Aaron reminds him that the challenge was to represent himself, which is what he’s doing. Janeane’s little black dress is showing all the puckers and seams. She and Tim both know that she can’t send it down the runway, and she starts to cry. You’re 27, honey. Grow the hell up. Tim checks on Anthony, whose two fabrics don’t really go together. Anthony decides to ditch the yellow fabric and keep the floral print.

Tim stops by Jesus, and is disturbed by the massive seam towards the bottom of his piece. Jesus had decided to make his dress longer and had simply sewn some fabric to the bottom. Tim wonders aloud if the original, shorter design wouldn’t be better, but Jesus isn’t worried. Tim is also worried about Emilio, who hasn’t finished his top or started his skirt. What he’s done so far looks good, but Tim doesn’t want Emilio to be the first designer in the show’s history to not finish at all. Tim advises the designers that they need to rethink their ambitions.

Christiane believes she can win, so long as her sewing is perfect. Janeane gets choked up as she looks around at her competitors’ work. Yes, I find her annoying. She decides to start a new design from scratch. Come midnight, Emilio hasn’t finished.

The next day, everybody is frantically working. Ping believes people will either love or hate her outfit – and Jonathan falls into the “hate it” category. Tim sends in the models. When Jesus’ model puts on his dress, he tells us that he’ll be in the top three. When somebody says that, they usually end up in the bottom. Emilio is delighted by how well his dress fits his model. Janeane assures us that she will finish in time.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers and describes this season’s prizes. The winner gets an editorial feature in Marie Claire, an opportunity to sell their line on Bluefly.com, and $100,000 from L’Oreal Paris to launch their own line. This season, they also get a new prize: a $50,000 “technology suite” by HP and Intel to create, design, and run their business. In other words, they also get get a boatload of computer equipment and software.

Heidi then introduces the judges. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are back as full-time judges, and Nicole Richie is the guest judge. Jonathan is the first up and his model is wearing a black minidress with a wide belt and and feathery white trim above the breasts. Seth Aaron made the aforementioned plaid party dress. It has suspenders and a big red zipper down the back.

Jesus sends down a chocolate brown leather evening gown. It has one shoulder and a much too obvious seam. Ben’s model is wearing a copper dress with big shoulders that have horn-like protrusions on them. It definitely shows his comic-book origins. Jay made a white sleeveless bustier and a green skirt decorated with big flowers. Pamela made a short, backless pink dress.

Emilio made a short dress with a button print. He had also applied strips of purple fabric in a variety of angles on the top. Jesse turned out a tan skirt and jacket with a red shirt. Ping sends down a heavily draped orange top with flowing gray pants.

Christiane sends down a royal blue and yellow dress. I like the colors, but even I can see the hem needs work. Amy’s model is wearing a white translucent top and a pouffy checkered-flag bottom. Janeane made a dark brown top and a cream skirt. Mila made what looks like a reversible jacket; it’s blue cobblestone on the outside, while the inside has a brown giraffe pattern. The rest of the look consists of a tan skirt and a black and white shirt.

Anthony made a brown-green floral print dress with… something attached to the side of the skirt. It looks like he sewed a bag there. Anna sends down a gold minidress. Last up is Maya, who made a beige minidress with a big shoulder piece similar to the one that Chris and Christian had put together way back in Season 4.