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American Idol 9, Jan. 12 – Missing Paula … And a Little Bit of Heart

With a great jazzy voice, Justin sings low, and even in falsetto. Randy asks if that’s the type of singer he wants to be, and Justin says yes, more like an alternative pop soul type of thing. Victoria thinks he has a nice voice and that the girls will like him with a nice face and nice presence. Kara’s going to remember him. All four judges say yes and this guy’s news keeps getting better and better. He’s cancer-free and headed to Hollywood.

Victoria tells the next contestant he has an “interesting look.” That’s good, as I wasn’t even sure what gender we were looking at it. We have early Whitney Houston hair, a goatee, huge earrings, t-shirt, tennies, and a flashy vest and gloves. Norberto Guerrero, 18, Reading, PA, sings a song that is just as uncertain. When he forgets the lyrics, Posh says she used to do that all the time. Norberto wants to inspire others just like Michael Jackson inspired him. Simon thinks he sings like a 3-year-old girl dressed like Victoria Jackson with a beard. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it, he doesn’t make it through.

Bosa Mora, 22, Columbus, OH, mentions his mom and dad are both from Nigeria. They met in the States while attending school, got married, and had a lot of kids. They always wanted to pursue music, but saw the opportunity through him. Ryan notes if he gets through the people behind his mom won’t be able to se the stage, as she has incredibly large hats. He sings with a lot of passion. Simon calls him good but boring, and Bosa offers to spice it up a little. Posh didn’t find it boring and neither did Kara. Posh gets on Simon for rolling his eyes. Simon votes no, Victoria yes, Kara yes, and Randy draws it out, then lets him through. Bosa’s mom feels good, “God is good, and I am grateful.”

Leah Laurenti, 22, Medford, NY, grew up with really strict parents, calling it difficult to be a child in that. They went to church a lot. They couldn’t listen to secular music, but it was her way of expressing herself. She thought if it felt so good, it couldn’t be bad. She wanted it so bad and didn’t want to settle. She’s capable of achieving her goal. She’s good, but there’s also a slight screechy quality to her. Tone that down and she’ll be good. Randy thinks she’s one of the best today and likes the jazzy thing she has going on. He wasn’t expecting it. Kara thinks she’s a very good singer and notes her emotions. Randy votes yes, as does Kara, Victoria, and Simon. She’s through.

At the end of our first audition city without Paula, I have to say it was okay. Although it was definitely missing that heart and goofiness that was a part of the core of the show. We’ll get through it, but it’s not going to be the same. The talent here? Okay. It’s nothing to get too excited about yet, but we know they usually hold out on us at this stage.

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