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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 16 – “And the Winner is …”

Next, we get to see some of the high and low points of the show. I always love reruns of the auditions!

One hour left to go… and 5 remaining finalists to go. Russell is sitting now.

Results: Ashleigh is out. She’ll remember the entire experience and that she gets another chance at life and to dance. She says she’s soooo grateful.

P.S. I had to look up something on the Internet for a spelling of a dancer’s name, and there it was: the result of who won this season. But don’t worry, I won’t share the results just yet. 🙂

Judge Adam craves the danger in this next number. It was a huge triumph for Ellenore and Legacy, but most of all for the choreographer: Travis Wall. This was one of my most favorite scenes. They dance to “Machine Gun” and it’s like a rendition of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It might earn him an Emmy!

Judge Debbie Allen selects something that spoke to her and brings so many styles together, like the African Jazz. BUT, Russell has been injured. So, we watch “Frog Dance” on a video clip with Noelle Marsh and Russell. I’m more interested in what happened to Russell and why he’s in pain!

Results: Ellenore is out. I adored her—she’s quirky and different! She’s going to remember how it builds and bonds them together. She’s so blessed and so happy.

Judge Lil’ C requests the following performance because the dancers had to “wring themselves dry” and calls it “an orgy of contemporary artistry.” The dancers perform to “Crying,” which is a song that always makes me sad…although I don’t cry ;-). Judge Debbie Allen seems to be crying though.

Judge Mary Murphy loves a hip-pop performance “I Can Transform Ya” from last night because it is the “epitome of buck” and it features Russell and Kathryn. But, because Russell is injured (and we still don’t know what happened!), we watch a tape of them dancing.

Mary J. Blidge performs her song “I Am.” I wish she would have performed “I’m the One” song instead. It’s more exciting.

Judge Nigel loved the performance choreographed by Wade Robson and his wife Amanda where the Top 20 got to perform all their unique styles. We see a tape of that. Wade is so amazingly talented!

Results: Kathryn is out. She was my favorite female dancer, I think. “This has been something that I will never forget …” I kind of wish that a dancer will someday say something unexpected.

Jennifer Lopez performs! And, she looks amazing! She’s decked out in silver sparkles lying in a red high heeled shoe because “she’s throwing on [her] Louboutins.” Her performance incorporated female dancers from this season and some of the past seasons.

Results: Jakob helps a hobbling Russell. Nigel says Jakob is a “polished diamond” and Russell is an “unpolished diamond” and each is special.



He’s crying now…but not because he’s in pain 😉

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