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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 16 – “And the Winner is …”

Last night’s Finale (Part I) was incredible! Be sure to read LauraBelle’s recap article for details. My favorite moments:

Russell Ferguson in every dance. He has become my new favorite, and I literally hold my breath when he dances.

Kathryn McCormick and Jakob Karr dancing to “At This Moment” by Michael Buble. It was beautiful and mesmerizing!

Ryan and Ashleigh DiLello dancing together: I’m not a huge fan of either of them, but I did find myself tearing up when they danced together! Awwww!

The judges pick their favorite routines:

Judge Lil’ C picks a hip-pop routine, and we soon see Kevin, Jonathan “Legacy” Perez, and Russell Ferguson dancing to “Beggin.” Heck, put me in the middle of those three and watch me dance! I’m sure I’d find myself spinning, crawling and doing back-flips without even trying!

Judge Adam Shankman, decked out in a Tux, requests that Ellenore Scott and Jakob Karr perform their dance to “Tore My Heart.” It’s one of my favorites of the season because it’s quirky, strange … and totally cool.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe picks Phillip, Peter, and Bianca (three tappers!) in a tap routine to the song “Take the ‘A’ Train.” I’m suddenly reminded of my youth when we all thought tap was the hippest type of dance on the planet.

Judge Mary Murphy wants to see something completely new – and good thing too! She wants to see Ashleigh and Ryan dance in their own style. And, they do. They shake their hips and just about everything else to the song, “Straight To … Number One.” As I sit here in my recliner, balancing my computer on my lap (and it’s burning!), I’m envious of their incredible high energy!

Leona Lewis performs “I See You” – the theme for the new Avatar movie. It’s okay, but I love “Bleeding Love” so much better.

The Groovaloos perform, and I’m fixated on the lime green shoes of one of the dancers. This group is like a bunch of little Legacies.

Judge Nigel gets to choose again. He requests the contemporary routine by Kathryn and Jakob to “At this Moment.” Their performance is heavenly and the epitome of dancing. “If I could just hold you…” Double awwww! The judges perform a standing ovation.

Judge Tyce Diorio wants to talk about Bollywood – classical blending with hip pop. We see Nathan Trasoras and Mollee Gray doing their Bollywood dance.

Sound check problems. And then Russell walks out with the finalists, crying and leaning on Ryan for support. Something is wrong with his leg.

Results: Ryan is out. The most special moment for him has been that he’s been able to share it with his sweetheart and that he’s made some great friendships. He hopes he’s inspired people.

American Idol Adam Lambert performs with his “What Do You Want From Me” song. “What’s on his shoulder?” asks my husband. “Looks like a dead crow.” And, it kind of does. I still don’t know what the black monstrosity is on his shoulder. But, heck, I love the song too much to care. He’s passionate and bold when he sings this song, and I’m going to download it straight away! P.S. His glam picture on his new CD makes me giggle. The girl playing keyboards looks like Cindy Lauper. Boy George would be proud!