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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 15 – Impossible to Choose?

Dancing a Dwight and Desmond Richardson contemporary piece, it’s Kathryn and Jakob, dancing to At This Moment by Michael Bublé. It’s absolutely beautiful and shows some great emotion. I didn’t think the two of them would have the emotion together, thinking they’d need a more dynamic personality in the partnership, but they prove me wrong here. Nigel will be happy that Jakob isn’t shirtless, yet he does have his shirt wide open.

Nigel tells Jakob and Kathryn they just stopped the show. He starts with Kathryn, as he says she is his favorite girl and has been for many weeks. She just rises to every occasion and picks up whatever is thrown at her. There’s times where he wants more performance from her, and he keeps pushing, but she is absolutely stunning. Jakob now has to grow even more to have to join a company, perhaps even Dwight and Desmond’s. When you mix a dancer equally as good as him and push them, they will become an incredible soloist. He begs him to join a company, as he is outstandingly brilliant.

Mary is ferklempt again and says it’s one of the best performances she’s seen. She has to thank Dwight and Desmond for taking her someplace in her heart. There’s no backstory; it’s just really magical when they two of them dance. Adam calls it a game changer, and says this country needs to be aware of how important dance is in in our culture. They’ve humbled him, and he is mad about what they just did, and he needs to stop talking, as he begins to get ferklempt as well.

I’d like to be proved wrong again. I’ve been saying I don’t want to see Ashleigh and Ryan together, as I think they’re better separately, but here they are taking on a Travis Wall contemporary piece, and if anything has the the power to change my mind, it’s that. They dance to I’m There Too by Michelle Featherstone. Luckily, they’re not doing ballroom, as it’s both their style, so it’s expected to be great. They do prove me wrong here, and you can see their love for each other instead of saying it’s such great character work. They’re absolutely delighted to be dancing together as well. It comes out. They’re not magical like they are with separate partners, but they’re just … warm and comfortable, like an old married couple should be. Both end up crying at the end.

Nigel is pleased Ryan found a shirt but wants him to use the buttons now. Nigel thinks people might say the two of them are in the finale because of the groundswell of emotion brought about because of Ashleigh’s injury. He says the pair of them accounted for themselves very well tonight. He still feels Ashleigh has better chemistry with Jakob than she has with Ryan, though. Mary calls it very rare for a married couple to have a moment like this on a world stage, but “Man oh man, what a memory tonight is going to be for them.” Adam asks if he can ask them how it felt, and she says “perfect.” He explains the hallmark of that was to experience the incredible tenderness and that was worth a lot to him.

Last up tonight, it’s Kathryn and Russell and a Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo hip hop routine to I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz. Who would have thought Kathryn could throw it down like this. Napoleon and Tabitha had a lot to prove, I think, after their mistake with the Ellenore and Legacy’s hip hop last week. And I think they make up for it here, although Legacy might not feel like it, since he’s not here because of it.

Nigel calls this the final competitive routine of this season, and he’s really happy to then say, “Yeah, this was great.” Its everything he expects from Russell, absolutely terrific. He rarely gets to do his own style, but it was tremendous. But he cannot believe Kathryn was as gangsta as she was. She got down and dirty. She may have stolen Russell’s heart there, but she stole Nigel’s many weeks ago. Mary has no idea how America is going to vote, but Russell and Kathryn definitely have her heart too. Adam calls it the absolute beauty of the show, saying she did contemporary and samba before she threw on the jeans and still tore up the dance floor. Russell did a jazz and paso doble before he went and just killed it. “It was so hot, you guys.”

I have to agree it was one great finale, but what I missed from the previous final four finale format was the guys dancing together and the girls dancing together. Yet, with the quality of dance we have tonight, like Mary, I have no idea how this one will be decided. These dancers are all popular. If we go to growth, it has to be Russell or Kathryn. Ashleigh has grown as well, but I think Kathryn has grown more. I don’t think we have a loser in the bunch, though, so I think it can go any of those six ways, and I’ll be a happy fan. But, the one who has stolen my own personal heart, is definitely Russell.

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