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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 15 – Impossible to Choose?

It’s certainly been a weird season, but it’s all coming to an end this week. It started off so quickly after last summer’s winner was crowned, then it was long and drawn out during the auditions. Suddenly the live competition shows started, and here we are already getting ready to name a winner. If they do this as a fall series again, they really need to work on this spacing thing a little.

Our judges are here tonight, the same ones we’ve had all season – Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. Mary is dressed very sparkly, and Nigel makes a joke out of it by popping on a pair of sunglasses, as Mary is seemingly too bright.

We’re starting right off with a dance tonight, and no banter, explanations, meetings with choreographers, etc. It’s straight to a Jason Gilkison samba by Ryan DiLello and Kathryn McCormick to Magalenha by Sergio Mendes. They look great, of course, just like they did last week. They definitely have a chemistry between them. This starts off slow, then just pops and really picks it up. These two know hot, and together, they redefine hot.

Nigel calls it a great start to the show and says as usual, Jason gives it the entertainment factor as well as the ballroom. Had he been told beforehand that only one of these two is a ballroom dancer, he wouldn’t have believed it as Kathryn is fantastic again. It goes for Ryan as well. It’s his genre, but even with other things, he adapts just as well. The throw over the back was stunning, and he can’t wait to see it again.

Someone, who could be Ryan’s mom, had a sign in the audience referring to him as an Italian Stallion, and Mary brings that up, then says he was at home in his style and just shaking it. She had so much control, all those slow moves at the beginning were balanced, and she was so into it. Adam feels the show should now be called The Rise of Kathryn, as it’s insane. He’s getting blown away week after week by her. The beginning was stunning, and Ryan is a fantastic partner as always and was just “so … shirtless out there.”

Ellenore Scott and Jakob Karr take the floor next to perform a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine to I Gotcha by the original Broadway cast of Fosse. Jakob is amazing with his character work as always, and this works right to Ellenore’s strengths. It’s perfect. She gets to do those quirky moves, and yet also be sexy. He gets to be in character, yet also do his great leaps. Tyce did great in choreographing this to showcase them.

Nigel agrees for the most part, saying what’s great about what Tyce has done is it allowed Ellenore to be Fosse-esque with her unique style and allowed Jakob to be Jakob-esque. Nigel thinks they can do so much more these days in dance, as they’re so much stronger, and Tyce has incorporated the two styles showing the two of them off at their best.

Mary tells Ellenore she was smoldering and just as sexy as can be, and so committed, so deliberate, so clean, and so controlled. “Yes, she was!” Jakob was just tremendous and flying across the stage and just tonight there’s a little bit extra coming out of him. “Privileged, Brother.” Adam recalls a great number in All That Jazz called Everything Old Becomes New Again, and that’s exactly what this is, as it made that Broadway style current, relevant, and gorgeous. Ellenore has never looked as beautiful, and Jakob is one of the most selfless partners out there, because with all he can do, he could have been selfish, but gave it all up to her.

It’s a Sonia Tayeh lyrical jazz number next, with Ashleigh DiLello and Russell Ferguson dancing to Angel Standing By by Jewel. Again, it has to be said … or asked. This is a krumper? This is absolutely beautiful. To steal Nigel’s though from earlier, had you not known beforehand Russell was a krumper, you’d never believe it. Wow, what a jump. This is so beautiful. Ashleigh is great of course, too, but Russell is the one that steals the stage once again.

Nigel asks for Ashleigh’s forgiveness, saying the whole routine was for him, all about Russell. He was so outstanding, he couldn’t take his eyes off him. He is so inspirational, and for kids to watch this program look up, and see hat he does week after week … Unlike Legacy who was also an inspiration, Russell points his toes. To watch him do the double jump he did out of nowhere was “incredible.” The greatest compliment he can give to Ashleigh is that there was a great chemistry, and hopefully later tonight he’ll be able to say some nice things about Ashleigh. Russell is just bloody incredible.

Mary tells Ashleigh she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous tonight. Her passion throughout this entire dance was so right on and believable, and what helped her along the way was Russell. Mary gets her words caught in her throat because of emotion here. “You are just so special.” She has to say she has not seen someone grow in six seasons as much as he has. She totally breaks down here and says it was incredible to watch him dance like that tonight.


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