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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 9 – Dance Like You’re Dying

Let me preface this commentary by expressing how disappointed I was that Ashleigh Di Lello couldn’t compete last night due to a shoulder injury. I mean, talk about bad timing! I could only feel her pain – well, not the physical pain, of course – when she had to tell the viewing audience she was not allowed to dance. People could still vote for her, so I guess it will be a testament about how much she is loved by the viewing public.

Last night’s performances were amazing and memorable, and I want to adopt Travis Wall, one of my newly favorite choreographers. He’s bold, and his choreography helps maneuver dancers onto the Hot Tamale Train.

It’s Danger Time, and the two male dancers who will have to fight to stay on the Dancing Train are:

Ryan Di Lello
Jonathan “Legacy” Perez

It’s Legacy’s first time in the bottom two, and I’m suddenly scared that my beloved Legacy might be kicked off the train.

Now it’s the girls’ turn …

Kathryn McCormick is safe, and…
…Ashleigh is SAFE too!!!!

So, in summary, the two girls in danger are:

Ellenore Scott
Mollee Gray

Judge Adam Shankman is, well, shocked! And frankly, so am I! He tells Mollee that last night was her best performances – and some of the best of the night! She should definitely be on Broadway! He does confess that it was her most recent partners who basically brought her up, only they did it too late.

Asia’s hot pop group, the Wonder Girls, perform – and in my opinion, in an underwhelming kind of way. Five girls dazzling in gold dresses sing and kind of dance, and I won’t assume anything here … but with their headset microphones and small mouth movements, they remind me of Britney Spears performing in concert.

It’s time for the dance solos. Nobody moves like Legacy on his head, his shoulders, his abs, his … well, you get the point. He spins and rolls, and it’s amazing he doesn’t get dizzy.

Ellenore performs next, and she’s a beautiful mixture of ballet, jazz, contemporary, and …quirkiness. Her face is intense – she wants to make it into the finale bad.

Ryan Di Lello does his solo, and I’m sad he can’t dance with a partner. It would have been cool in an unexpected kind of way if instead of his typical routine, he surprised everybody with a hip hop solo performance or a Bollywood routine. 🙂

Mollee is getting better each week and does one of her best solos, I think.

American Idol winner Kris Allen sings his new single ‘Live Like We’re Dying’, and he’s good and his boyish charm helps bolster the song.

Time for the results: Ellenore has made it into the finale! Mollee is so sad, and it makes me sad, and I’m thinking at this precise moment that Ashleigh is probably not so sad and owes the voters a big “thank you.”

And, considering that her husband, Ryan, was just voted into the finale, sending the ultra-talented underdog, Legacy, home, Ashleigh should also give the voters a huge hug – well, a one-arm hug anyway.

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