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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 8 – Santa the Krumper

Mary had a feeling she was going to say that, then says it’s like a movie when you see the coming attractions, and you get excited with the beginning, but she was just slightly disappointed after that with it not hitting. Nigel thinks when the choreography and concept overrides the dancing they have to talk about it. Usually NappyTap uses stories and choreography well, but because this was just strange, it was too far down that road, leaving them with not enough dancing, and the dancing they got wasn’t necessarily together.

Ryan brings us his solo dancing to Din Da Da by Kevin Aviance. He always struggles a little with his solos, but seems to get it going this time. Again, it’s not as cute as Santa though. Ryan starts to cry when he’s with Cat and asks people to vote for his wife, not himself. Her mom cries in the audience and claps for him. I think he just got votes for that. Some of the choreographers give him a standing O for the gesture.

Oh no, just from the commercial, hearing that Russell is doing Bollywood, I’m extremely worried. And doing Bollywood with an untested partner? Eesh. He and Ashleigh teamed up with Nakul Dev Mahajan who says this Bollywood has no story or characters, just raw Bollywood. For the dance, Ashleigh needs to pat her head and rub her stomach, and I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s just realizing the coordination. Nakul explains hands have to be placed a certain way or is considered an insult, and is worried when Ashleigh thinks she created a new finger cymbal technique. He just says, “Oh my God …”

Nakul’s assistant Alicia dances with Russell to Spirit of Rangeela from the original soundtrack. And OMG, this guy is totally doing Bollywood, and doing it well. Again, it could help to not be with Ashleigh and doing it with someone who knows the genre well. I normally don’t even like Bollywood that much, but this is amazing to me that this krumper can do this style so well. I honestly think this guy can do anything. Dr. Dance agrees, saying he was the guy of the night for her, as he “brought such joy to the stage.”

Adam wants to take the opportunity to thank Nakul for two things: giving us an exciting and really fun routine that is just pure high energy dancing, and also that he’s grateful to Nakul for telling him that if his hands are wrong it could create an international incident. What was so great for Russell, other than his excellent execution, but he blew joy out of every pore, and that makes people pick up the phone. If dancing is a drag, no one should do it, and he showed the incredible positive power of the artform of dance. That smile and energy of his is fantastic, and he thinks he’s in there.

Mary has to give Russell props as it’s tough to just dance with one partner, and he’s had to dance with three different people and has elevated himself and risen above it, bursting onto the stage and exciting everyone. It’s a way to end the night, hitting all those intricate movements that he was given and just making it look fun. She also hopes people take into consideration Ashleigh’s journey and encourages them to vote for her. Nigel says Nakul produced a routine that is full energy, but that lift where he lifted Alicia and dropped her down is where Ashleigh injured herself. What’s amazing is Alicia is an expert, but his eyes were on Russell the whole time. He has a magnetic quality that makes the audience look at him, and considering krumping is so down and grounded, and this is so up and lifting, he can only compliment him not just on tonight, but this season and what he’s done.

Once again, it’ll be a tough one tonight. I’m not sure how it’s going to impact it with Ashleigh not able to dance. It’s possible she’ll be told to not dance next week, and then she’ll be out and done. It’s also possible she won’t get votes since no one saw her dancing. And here’s something I thought of just now. This is the second partner Russell had that injured herself. Noelle did in the first week, and no one thought she should have been allowed to come back and dance. I wonder how they feel with Ashleigh.

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