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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 8 – Santa the Krumper

Everyone knows Mary loves her ballroom, but Ryan said he wanted the floor to boil not jut sizzle, and the whole floor was on fire. It was chemistry and power and how effortless they made it. It was out of Kathryn’s element and so difficult, but she just hung back and was totally sexy and smoldering. She would have never guessed she wasn’t a ballroom dancer. Ryan was unbelievable and is a star tonight. There’s only one thing she can do tonight. They are for sure on that hot tamale train with first class tickets! She hasn’t put anyone on there since Karen left.

Nigel starts with Jason, saying he’s doing a wonderful thing with ballroom in the program Burn the Floor which Mary’s going to appear in soon. What he’s done here is turn ballroom into a complete form of entertainment. When Kathryn pulled out the two routines, he can just imagine she wasn’t excited, but she looked like a Latin ballroom dancer tonight. Everything he said to Ryan about his disco was absolutely perfect in this routine. The two of them together were magic.

Legacy takes the stage for his solo to Fancy Footwork by Chromeo, and fancy that footwork is. He even has a phone prop which he holds in hand amazingly while he spins on his head. He tells Cat it’s America on the phone voting for him.

Ellenore takes the stage for her solo to I Got the Feelin’ by James Brown. There’s that quirky girl that we love, but I just want to see her and Legacy together again.

Now this is cute. Russell takes the stage dressed like Santa with a toy bag, dancing to Holiday Buckness by The J-Squad. It’s a krumping Santa! Who would have thunk that one? The best thing is that it totally captures his personality. He loses his boot and works it into the routine, stomping on it in anger, then picking it up and putting it on as he finishes his dance, and taking out a cute stuffed animal in shades and Santa hat in the end. Cat tells him she wanted diamonds. How can you not vote for him now?

Mollee and Jakob are back and are now doing Broadway with Joey Dowling, who explains they are playing two con artists who make their plan on how to get rich. He’s supposed to be the mastermind pulling her into the plan. She wants it known that her character isn’t stupid, just not a mastermind. Well, yeah. She has to slide on a bench, and the only way they can do it is for him to pick it up and slide her manually.

It’s another Samantha Ronson Remix, this time Easy Street from the original TV soundtrack for Annie. Jakob always does great character work, putting absolutely everything he has into it. I’m not usually fond of Mollee, but I like her personality in this one, as well as her dancing. But he’s the one I can’t take my eyes off of.

Adam tells Joey it was a fantastic job this week and so strong. It’s really important this week to show off all the best parts of the dancers on the show, and she did that. On top of that, Mollee and Jakob rose above with great performances. One of Bob Fosse’s girlfriend’s, and later muses, was Ann Reinking, and Mollee’s legs looked just like hers. Once again, she got a great partner in Jakob, who brought her up, as well as a style that helped her look gorgeous. Jakob is one of the best dancers they’ve had on the show, but he has to talk about Mollee, as his eyes were on her.

Mary can’t think of a couple she would have loved seeing do that more than them. She doesn’t know another couple that could match the leg kicks and aerials either, making it look so easy. Her hats are off to both of them for an amazing evening. Nigel says not only is Joey a beautiful woman, she’s a beautiful choreographer. It’s a routine that just took them into the realm of a real professional dancer in Mollee. She should go to Broadway. The whole story is perfect for her as she filled the whole stage. Jakob still reminds him of Joel Gray, and this still suits him. He’s not a fan of Vaudeville and would love to see more Broadway in the sense of West Side Story and stronger dance routines, but this was perfect for them.

Kathryn takes the stage for her solo, dancing to Shadow Feet by Brooke Fraser. The good night and compliments she had should help tremendously with confidence, and it does as she looks like she can do it, and I believe her.But nothing’s going to top Santa.

Yea! We get to see Ellenore and Legacy again, and this time it’s a Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo hip hop. It’s a routine with all of them being aliens, but they have to switch, with her being more hip hop, and him being more quirky. She even tries to teach him that language. Even Napoleon and Tabitha do the language. Ellenore thinks it’ll be the strangest hip hop.

It’s a District 78 Remix to People are Strange by The Doors that provides the musical backup for Ellenore and Legacy, and from the beginning, they look like they have tiny alien heads, but it’s just oversized costumes, I think, and a mask on backwards. It’s good and al., but just isn’t magnificent like we need this week, and doesn’t match their first routine, but I suppose nothing would. The routine didn’t allow them their personalties, but they show it right after it’s done. He makes a snorting noise at Cat, Ellenore turns around and has her backward head shake no, as Legacy’s backward head says yes. We needed fun like that in the routine.

Adam wants to to say something in a language Ellenore understands, and breaks into something that sounds like her odd language, as Nigel starts doing whale calls, and Mary breaks out in an odd language as well. Love it when they play. More seriously, Adam says this was a really heavy concept number, but wasn’t his favorite of the night. It didn’t push them down, but the other one was so pushed, maybe it’ll take care of that for them. He wants everyone to know that Legacy is B-Boy not hip hop, and Ellenore did good, not great, and she comments back in alien.


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