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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 8 – Santa the Krumper

Ellenore Scott is paired this week with Jonathan “Legacy” Perez, and she says it’s important to be in the finale to show America one last time what she can do. Legacy has worked hard to be here and doesn’t want to let doubt seep in, wanting to show he has what it takes. They’re doing a Travis Wall contemporary routine, and the story is that they’re married, yet hired to kill each other. Travis calls them the perfect couple with this, because of all the acrobatics. If they jump or catch wrong, it’s dangerous for them.

Machine Gun by Portishead is the background for Ellenore and Legacy’s dance, and I have to say, all three of them have done it again. Legacy, Ellenore, and Travis. It’s perfect choreography for the two of them together, and they’re amazing. This is the one I don’t want to end, not the first two. They have lots of choking going on. This was amazing.

Adam tells Travis he loves any choreographer that understands how close dancing and murder are. And speaking of murder, Legacy and Ellenore murdered it. He jokes it was so exciting and was like watching home movies of his parents. What Travis understood so beautifully was understanding the couple he was working with, and he maximized it to beautiful effect. Mary felt it was so strong and absolutely tailor-made for them. She loved the whole concept with the choking napkin and the flip over the table. Ellenore was dynamic and fearless. Nigel jokes it was a beautifully romantic routine. What he loved about it was that it was so dangerous, and when they’re fighting for a spot in the finale, their chirographer pushing them like this was dangerous. Anything could have gone disastrously wrong.

Nigel mentions the last time they did a table routine was with Mandy Moore, and it was extremely memorable and got her an Emmy nomination and he thinks this might do the same for Travis, who looks shocked in the audience and mouths, “Holy moly!” Nigel couldn’t quite believe the headstand where Legacy folded his legs at the last moment as Ellenore crawled under him. This was the most dangerous of the season, and he gives them real props for doing that tonight.

Jakob takes the stage to dance his solo to Mario Spinetti’s When You Say My Name. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from him – lots of leaps and dramatic movement.

The last couple to dance are Ashleigh and Russell Ferguson … well, that should have danced. He says preparing for this week, you have to make sure your mindset is focused and you have to go in hard. For Ashleigh to make it until next week it would be a crowning achievement for her. They’re doing doing hip hop with Shane Sparks, and he warns them it’s not a lyrical routine. It’s a street hip hop, and he’s not giving them anything less than the good. It’s going to be hard and aggressive. Shane’s going to make Ashleigh into a booty shaker … or arm breaker.

Russell will do this hip hop with Shane’s assistant Rachel, and they dance to a Bobby J Remix of Too Much Booty 2 by Soundmaster T & Jah-Rista feat. Korveil. We know he’ll totally kill this, and a chance to do it with Rachel instead of the ballroom dancer will probably help. And Russell is so commanding on the sage, that it makes it impossible to even check out Rachel at all. I just want to watch him.

Adam says it has to be really hard to be up there without your partner, and it’s kind of a drag for him as well, as he’s come to enjoy watching Ashleigh do hip hop. From the looks of the clip package, it seemed like really great chemistry, and what Shane did was a really solid routine, old school hip hop. Russell was hitting so hard, and what people don’t know is that just because he’s a krumper, it doesn’t mean he’ll be good at hip hop, yet he was smokin’. The performance level was super high, and he had great energy. With the whole tough guy thing, Adam knows Russell is a teddy bear.

Mary thinks everyone including herself has fallen in love with Russell. Her eyes were drawn to him the entire time, and he was giving 100% like he does every single week. It was hard-hitting and so on point with him just attacking every single second. Nobody does it like him. Nigel jokes it was another sweet routine for the romantics, then says he remembers when Shane did Booty In the Pants with Donyelle and Benji, and she had a lot of booty to shake. He’s just sorry Ashleigh wasn’t doing this, but thinks Rachel did great for stepping in just this morning. Russell showed how to hit hard. Shane didn’t compromise and pushed Russell to give everything he wanted, plus what Nigel wanted, a performance. He has a feeling we’ll see “Sunshine” in the finale.

Mollee dances her solo to Heartburn by Alicia Keys, and she’s on fire with this one. It’s much better than what I saw from her in her Viennese Waltz.

Kathryn and Ryan are back, this time learning the cha cha with Jason, who says it’s one of the most difficult cha chas in content than he’s ever done before. Kathryn has a hard time with it calling it crazy hard, and Jason says they just can’t switch off their brain for one second. Ryan has to be seamless, but usually is, and it shouldn’t be hard for this Latin ballroom dancer.

Dancing to Put Your Hands On Me … by Joss Stone, it’s definitely hot. Again, I don’t want Ryan with his wife. They aren’t as good. I think it’s more fiery when they’re stepping out a little. Kathryn looks ultra hot, and he looks like he’s enjoying her just the same. The lift at the end is surprising and amazing.

Adam tells Jason this is a huge night for him, as it was one of the best ballroom routines they’ve had on the show. It was so hot. It might not be a good thing for the show that Ashleigh isn’t here, but could be for Ryan’s marriage, as he and Kathryn were very connected. She is surging and getting better every week, but he never saw this coming. It’s not just as a dancer, but as a performer. Ryan was so hot and the two of them were such a beautifully accomplished piece of teamwork.


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